Mercy Seat & Baseball⚾️

What is the measure of value?

I recently went to a baseball game where the home plate umpire wasn't all that consistent in how he called pitches. A throw that was outside and called "ball" one pitch may have been thrown two times in a row only to be called on the second throw a "strike". Usually, a player can get the feel of the Umpire. They quickly learn what a perfect pitch looks like to him. They see how he values each throw and this helps them adjust and look for those pitches they know he will call strike if they don't take a swing.

At this game the players grew unsure and held back more than they could because they didn't know what was what. They began to second guess even the best throws because they didn't know how the umpire would value it.

Life can definitely be like a game of baseball. We get thrown a curve here and there. We need to be ready for them. So, I couldn't help but to see an analogy tucked within this story.

How do you measure value?

Everyone values something or someone. We give time to things and people we value. For example, we value our job because we are either passionate about it, our customers/associates or at least because it pays the bills and we'd like to remain employed. We value our family and we invest in them because we care about them. We have friendships we value and people definitely value their possessions in this day and age.
We can learn a lot about people by what they invest in because of value.

God values people.

He came to this earth for relationship. That, in fact, was his only purpose. To save. To love. To protect and deliver. He gave us a little Book of Love to follow so we'd know how to move and what to swing at and what to dodge-like my ball game analogy.

His rules are consistent.
His love is consistent.
His friendship is consistent.

Even on the hardest days or the days He seems Infinitely far away. He always shows up. He's always there. He always cares and He is always prepared with what you need should you include him. He will always let you decide how much of him you will value.

Place some value in him. Just some space carved out in our heart, our mind and our decisions. Do these things and you will never strike out. That's a promise.

He's with you today. Step up to the plate. You can't miss!

"But this I call to mind, and therefore I have hope: The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness." Lamentations 3:21-23