Testify To Hope…

Testify to Hope...

By the time I was 5 I began to experience a lot of rejection. A pattern developed in my young life and I was repeatedly told I wasn't talented enough, smart enough, gifted enough, outspoken enough. I was quiet, timid and shy and that lead me to feel overlooked and invisible. I was frequently told I didn't do it right or I did it wrong. And I believed it.

This was all happening inside of me. I was involved and active to a degree, but I kept to myself a lot as well. I had people who loved me, my family, but because of the tender nature of my heart I focused on the wrong thing.

I couldn't recognize all the cool aspects of my personality and abilities because I was too busy absorbing the negativity. Then, I began to hear God speak to my heart about all that I am and all I am capable of and can do. The day I stopped believing the lies of discouragement spoken over me and accepting God's approval is the day my life began. It's also the day I decided to purpose myself to make others feel amazing. I'd always been a people lover, but my heart kept me away and afraid of being hurt. God used my misery to help me see with the eyes of my heart all of the worth, ability and possibility people possessed. I could see what He saw even when others can't see it in themselves.

I was not born with self confidence. I adopted God's Confidence and became whole again. So many walking wounded It makes my heart break. God sees you. He knows. You are special. It doesn't matter your obstacles or opposition or even if you aren't the most efficient at what you do. God has a plan for you...and that plan is extremely extraordinary and special. ~Nicole