Not Your Average Cup of Jo


This morning I did something I do every morning...I drink a Spark from AdvoCare. It’s my morning come alive kind of thing that gets me moving and wanting to sing. All kinds of good nutrition and things that make your brain wake up. I enjoy an occasional cup of coffee, but Spark is about purpose. I guess I have my favorite flavor and drink that one almost everyday. But this morning something didn’t taste the same.
Something seemed different? I couldn’t quite put my finger on it so I took it back to the kitchen and added some water to it. Maybe it was too concentrated? It seemed tangier or stronger somehow? No, that wasn’t it.

I decided just to not try to figure it out and drink it down. As I continued to sip I realized what was different! I had grabbed the wrong canister by mistake. I thought I was making fruit punch, but must have grabbed the grape!

Sometimes in life things happen that take us by surprise. We expect one thing, but get something else instead. It may or may not be bad, just different.

But God knows you inside and out. He knows the end from the beginning and the beginning from the end. It occupies the same sliver of time for Him. He sees it concentrated just as I perceived my drink to be. For the span of His hand is greater than the existence of all of humanity. He is eternal. I think you can agree.

So join me on a journey of trusting God and His faithfulness more completely. Sometimes He changes things up. He may lead us down one road knowing full well the destination He truly has for us is another side path He hasn’t told us about yet. But He needs us to begin. So don’t get confused when things shift and bit and aren’t what you expected. Keep drinking Him in. Enjoy the experience even if it isn’t your first choice. Don’t try to figure it all out. God has a way of growing things, situations and people on our soul. He’s always got the right formula for you.

Drink deep of his presence. Make Him your morning routine. He is guaranteed to Spark your heart -mind- soul and make you come alive with purpose. He’s not your ordinary cup of tea. He’s something much more complete. Drink deeply...

Enjoy the Journey...