Steps of Confidence


“ Nevertheless I am continually with you; You have taken hold of my right hand.” Psalm 73:23

You can walk confidently to the Throne of Grace.

When a child first learns to walk they wobble and wobble and frequently topple.

When our kids grow and learn to drive it can be a bit scary at times as they gain experience and skill.

As we step into new situations and scenarios of life we must take a step of faith first before God exposes the rest of His plans. This is how He does it all throughout the scriptures.

When we face trials, our back gets pressed against the wall, obstacles seem too ominous to overcome—but we can always walk with confidence toward the One who does everything right and puts our fears to flight.

As Peter stepped out of the boat in faith, his eyes were firmly locked on Jesus who stood on the waters just ahead. He was being lead by the Spirit. He was being lead by Faith.

Where is your faith leading you?

Does your obedience require you to abandon common sense and take a step of faith into what may seem unclear or murky waters? Sacrifices will be made. Many relationships will is the nature of sacrifice and surrender to go deeper with the King of kings...

But when you do...walk with confidence.
When a person lacks confidence they frequently look down. They take shorter steps and struggle to make eye contact with people. But when you walk to Jesus you can look him square in the eye, head up, shoulders back and a certain swagger to your stride. Not because of pride. Pride will hinder faith and our ability to walk in the realm of Creative Miracles. No...but you possess a certain zeal that demonstrates you know your Maker is the real deal and won’t let you slip from His grip.

Recap your victories. Remind God who He is and that you are His. Sons and Daughters. Remind Him that the issues you face are His issues. Lay them at His feet. Tell Him you can’t wait to see the unique and spectacular way He does things.

The Christian isn’t made to experience merely the miracle of salvation. It is far grander and more glorious to live extreme for the King and require a steady string of sustenance miracle, to miracle to miracle.

I don’t know about you, but I needed to remind myself of this today. Sometimes it seems more desirable to abide in the sure thing. But these aren’t the reasons relationship with Him makes my heart sing. God loves a risk taker.

Today...every little thing is going to be ok.

Walk confidently child of the King!