Oil of Gladness

"You love righteousness and hate wickedness; Therefore God, Your God, had anointed you with the oil of gladness..." Psalm 45:7

It's been greatly in my heart to devote time writing on the theme of Joy. Joy is a somewhat elusive concept for many to grasp. It has a presence all its own. It's not really happiness, though closely associated. It's not really contentment, but possesses contentment. It's not really enthusiasm, though it expresses the mannerism of enthusiasm.

Several years ago I was in a church service for a special speaker who was a prophetic evangelist gifted with hands to heal. During the worship portion of the service the Holy Spirit already began to minister to my heart and some specific areas of struggle I had been praying on. I immediately felt in my Spirit, His Spirit communicate that I was about to receive an anointing for Joy. As soon as that happened I had a sensory experience that felt like something thick, warm and wet...what I would imagine warmed honey to feel like, poured over the crown of my head and I felt it pour down my back and tapper at my low back. I felt saturated, though I was not actually wet at all. I felt something lift and lighten in my heart. I felt a new level of Peace transcend my understanding. I already had a great deal of peace in my heart at that time, but this was different. It was like I crossed a Threshold in my faith journey and God had given me something I hadn't known before. It remains with me still.

Joy has a flavor and feel all its own. It is a welling in the soul that seems to be a mixture of gratitude, contentment, thanksgiving, hope, love as well as a ridiculous and unrealistic optimism. It is inviting and intoxicating of soul. It happens within and can't be caught or taught or manufactured, only received. When expressed, it lavishes a sort of peace and comfort on others.

I love it.

Are you struggling to find your Joy? You may not receive a shower of it the way I did, but God is generous and kind. No good thing does He withhold from those who love Him. But you must begin to count it all as joy. Quit complaining about what's wrong and start rejoicing and focusing of what you see that is right! Speak life over everything. Be faithful to walk, act, believe and demonstrate that you are hopeful and peculiarly optimistic in all circumstances...even the ones you're not sure are ever going to get better. With Joy it doesn't matter because the focus becomes your love affair with Jesus. Get to that place where all you care about is Him. It will require you release your wants and desires and adopt a surrendered mindset that says, "Lord, have your way. I will consume my heart with what you desire for me. It is well with my soul." He will chart the course and navigate you to beautiful shorelines, full of Joys you have not known before. His is a blessed treasure. Desire it! ~Nicole


"May the God of all Heaven give you a supernatural anointing of Joy that attracts and captivates your heart to His, then the hearts of others toward Him. May the whole world know you by your Great Love in Him. Let it be as I have prayed. Amen"