On Loves Heels


Somewhere around the year 2010 a friend came to me and brought me a DVD of a movie she said she felt compelled of the Holy Spirit to tell me to watch. This friend had done this before and the Holy Spirit confirmed it to me. Those who know me know I don’t “read books” or read anything outside the Bible unless directed by the Spirit, etc. It’s a part of my obedience that has lead to the pure flow of His Voice in my gifts.

 Less “me”, more him. Less “others”, more him.

The movie was “Reign On Me” or something like that. Have you seen it? It was a very intense movie. I had to watch it, take a break, come back to it. It took me some time to get through it. If I recall correctly it took me several days to watch it in doses. But every time I sat to watch it the Holy Spirit would pierce my heart and speak to me prophetically.
He began to talk to me and pull together many puzzle pieces and clues He had given to me through the years about how He was grooming me to love people to a place of wholeness and healing. I already knew my life call and purpose was “healing”.
This movie was about two men who had gone to school together and were reunited after many years. Only one man was different. He had been through a horrific tragedy that wounded his heart so deeply he lost his ability to function and became mentally ill.
The friend was unaware of all this and began slowly spending time trying to reconnect with the man, but he’d do or say something that triggered old memories or sounds and the man would lash out and run away because of the pain that was released when the repressed events came back to his mind. (this man was played by Adam Sandler).
I believe from my own experience, my education and my understanding of the Word—it only makes sense that part of why healing is painful is because when God digs up an old event or memory to take it away from us, it travels back through our heart and mind first. He isn’t trying to cause pain, but pain is just part of the process of clearing the temple (mind•body•soul). But it’s a bit like childbirth. The pain leads to life and beauty.
So when the pain came, the friend would lay low for a few weeks then go see the friend again. Only love would keep coming back. Only love...
Over time, the ill friend began to remember, process and heal. In the movie the man never got back to his original self, but made tremendous progress to once again function in normal society. This movie was based on a true story of a man who was a successful dentist in NYC, but lost his family on 911. His wife and children were on one of the planes. Afterward he was never the same.
Tragedy and extreme emotional or physical trauma in childhood or even as an adult can stunt people, all people, any of us. It diminishes our capacity to receive. No one is immune to the deep sting grief or pain can bring.
As I watched this movie the Lord showed me over and over again how the doctors and medicine only helped that man somewhat, but it was the unconditional and persistent love that brought him back. Only Love can heal like that. All throughout my time watching the movie the Lord kept telling me, “I’ve equipped you to love like that. I’m asking you to love like that. Only love can heal.”
Love is enormously powerful.
Love lifted Jesus off the Cross.
Love sent him in the first place.
Love is patient.
Love is Kind.
Love keeps no records of wrong.
Love is faithful.
Love is gracious.
Love rejoices.
Love celebrates.
Love communicates.
Love honors.
Love. Love. Love.
Loving others to wholeness requires delicate, gentle and deliberate application. It is never about being loved in return. But wouldn’t that be nice...
Often times the deeply wounded struggle to function in love or even accept it. But God says love again, again and again.
 As you love, know that it peels back layers and sometimes this is painful for the one being given love. They may recoil. They may lash out. They may reject.
Love anyway in grace and patience. They are on the road to restoration.
Love is always about restoration.
On our own us humans aren’t capable of such a love. Our own emotions get in the way. But with God...when He is in it. When He labors for it. When He commissions you to it. A love like that can’t go wrong.
Let the Love of God flow over you today. Head to toe. He desires to fill every crack and crevice of your wounded soul. He reaches down into those hard to inspect regions and clears out the scar tissue and makes the the heart whole, fleshy and like new. Heaven adored you. That is why it sent this love to you in the first place. Find a peace and security in it. You. Are. Loved.
Who is it the Lord has commissioned you to love? For God so loved the world He gave his only son. Crucified—If only to win love by the power of love.
You may spend your whole life and God give you one and only one He wants you to love like this. Do it. The ripple effect could reach hundreds of thousands all with the power of this extraordinary love. And that’s what the Gospel is made of.
In Love...
“By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another." John 13:35