Broken & Brave~


I have had the special honor of hearing a whole lot of very impressive people speak or sing in my life. I recognize what an enormous vault of blessing this has been. I actually didn’t seek a single one of these opportunities out—they sought me. Meaning, God created the Divine Appointment. He knew these were encounters Id need to be fully equipped for His Calling on my life.

Though each and every one famous. All powerful and impactful, all making deposits for the good in my soul...
There are just a few that truly stand out and shine the greatest for me, my life.

An all time most impactful was General Norman Schwarzkopf who rallied and ruled our armies of America at Dessert Storm. Wow!

Another example is John C. Maxwell. Heard him teach a dozen times probably, in person, but was also a part of a privileged group of individuals back in the early 2,000 to receive customized application training based on His New York Times best seller, “The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership.” It was called “Leadership 2000”.
Truly, wow, what an impact that made on my life transforming how I felt about leadership, the call of all believers to be leaders and how I gel with that. Found my place with that.
Another remarkable person to touch my heart was songwriter, composer, worship leader (and actually a fantastic preacher! Heard him in this capacity also...)—Michael W. Smith.
I’m in a company founded by a man who never wanted to be the reason someone had to miss church, so when our national conferences rolled around he would offer an optional chapel service for all who desired though it was not a part of the conference. Talk about going above and beyond. Charlie (founder of AdvoCare) breathed excellence like few can. So Michael, who loves AdvoCare also, has performed many chapel services and ministered the word as well. One thing that always transfixed me about both men is their ability to connect with their audience—but in two completely different leadership styles. John is flamboyant, charming, funny and powerful! But Michael is crystal clear purity of heart. His humble style is like a gateway to heaven itself. This explains how easily he ushers in the Presence is God in Worship. He slips out while God slips in. He understands that he is merely a conduit of Blessing. He isn’t THE blessing. Though he is indeed a blessing, he understands he is to lead us all to one Greater who shines brightest of all.
The first time I met Michael, he smiled down at me and reached out his hand and said, “Hello, I’m Michael.” It was so gracious and humble and sincere. I was thinking, “I know who you are”, but truly that wasn’t his purpose. He was engaging me to find out who I was. That’s inspiration right there. Talk about someone making you feel special or important.
Isn’t God the same way? He KNOWS He is famous. He KNOWS how awesome He is. He is crystal clear about His abilities and  what He can do. Yet, He reached down His hand to humanity to grab hold of ours and find out who we are. Wow...
really drink that idea in for a moment.
God loves intimacy. He is always after the heart. And as He gets it, we learn and become One with him.
Practicing Oneness with God will envelop every choice, decision and action. He will preempt our will and lead us to yield fully to His.
When we learn Oneness with the will of God we gain strength, insight and wisdom into the heart of God. We are connected. We become Conduit. Then through us His Spirit does flow and hopefully spill over a world that has yet to know.
When we learn and practice Oneness we are allowed deeper into the Chambers of His heart. His Holy Place. His Sanctuary.
Just like a marriage gains Oneness in the wedding bed—knowledge of the intimate details of your Lover—so it is with God in the sense that He opens up His Revelatory Will to us and shows us Hidden Treasure. In both cases, guard your Treasure.
When you go with God you go in Strength.
When you go with God, you walk in Peace.
When you grow in God you learn Oneness.
Be bold, be strong, be Still—
be One who was remembered for making a difference in the lives God has hand selected for you to lead.
“I will go in strength of the Lord God.”  Psalm 71:16