What Is This Grace?


It may not be your fault someone strongly dislikes you. But it is your fault what you do with it and how you handle it.

     Instead of anything—rest back in the Father’s heart. Unite your soul to His. Allow your Way Maker to breathe possibilities and positive inspirations to your soul.
     Relationships can be slippery. You don’t always know how people tick, what speaks to them and what sets them off. You may find out by mistake over and over again. They key to having healthy relationships is to always error on the side of Grace.
     Graciousness is what won the hearts of every inhabitant of Heaven. Grace is what births the “silver lining” of every dark storm cloud that cannot be seen with the naked eye. Graciousness is what gives rise to that incredible smile God blessed you with.
     Graciousness is what causes us to go the extra mile with each other. It’s the fuel that hinges together sister and brother, Father and Mother, Lovers, and society as a community collectively holding each other.
     Goodness in Grace is when our grace is laced with compassion that works like salve, patience that eases the soul and listening ears that seek to hear another’s heart.
     A Gracious heart never wants to see you hurt. Definitely doesn’t want you unhappy. Rejoices to see you laughing and gets giddy at the idea it had something to do with your laugh or your smile. It runs on the fuel called Jovial mile after mile.
     Grace is a form of love. It seeks no evil, harbors no malice and is enormously disinterested in strife. It cares more deeply for your well being than in being right. I guess that makes a characteristic of Grace also a humble disposition. There is great and supernatural power in bowing low. Not necessarily a body, but a heart, a soul, an inner man or woman, a mindset. Grace and Love crouch down knowing full well we are protected because Heaven holds our crown.
     I pray Heaven would stoop down for you today. I pray Heaven not be remiss in granting you Gracious Kisses and Splendor for all you do, every foot step planted and every thread of Hope and Vision your heart can carry...and then I hope it heaps on a bit more causing your hearts joy to move into overflow.
     The door for this blog page is closing. God is redirecting my pen to another level. I’ve enjoyed my time here with you. Not sure how many more posts it will have, it could be quite a few or it could have already been too many—
I’ve enjoyed it all.
Thank You.
Thank you for drawing near.
Thank you for having an interest in anything I’ve written or wanted to say.
Thank you for reading my poetic prose and hem in as my heart gushes via my pen.
     Reading with me means you received a slice of me and I hope it was a delicious treat enrapturing the soul.
Thank you for trusting me to bestow the wisdom of my experiences, my encouragement, my love and effort to refresh your soul here. The evidence of my Love is anchored in Heaven above. Get to know Him better.
     His Love is like the savor of a crystal blue sea. It looks tantalizing, but the Joy rises only when you dive in.
Abundant blessings...
May they shower over you.
My greatest wish is that this type of blessing would be one of deeper merit~it would be blessing of heart, mind and soul. The blessing would go to the places you truly dwell. The places you keep yourself in. The places you hide away. The home base of Divine and Infinite Peace.
God bless your heart.
I don’t know about you, but I fall more in love with Him every day.
What is this Love?
What is this Grace?
Hem in...you’ll see...
Broken & Brave