Outside the Box

Have you ever been told, "Think outside of the box"? I was recently around a woman who shared this as she had just heard it for the first time. Though I said nothing, I was surprised because I think I first heard that phrase ten years ago and thought it was established as a common phrase...I guess I was wrong.

Boxes are useful. We pack things in them to transport. We use them to organize our pantry (containers of various shapes and sizes). A kid could play all day with the use of his imagination in a box (mine did)! Crossfitters across the nation love their "Box"! Boxes help people compartmentalize their life, schedules and daily routines.

What I find amusing is that with all of our organization, planning and life detailing we actually believe God fits into our boxes. We may attempt to compartmentalize and organize God, but God cannot be compartmentalized! He lives outside the box!

God is Sovereign. That means he can do whatever He wants. If He can coordinate the roll tide of a crystal sea, He can lean on your heart to change your menu for dinner, causing you to need to run to the store for ingredients, where you bump into that person you've been meaning to call for the last week. Ever happened to you? Do you realize God did that?

If He can design science and gravity and hang the blaze of fire in the sky (we call it the sun), then he can take my pen and lean on my heart for what to write and on what given day I will write it. I have many thoughts, like notes jotted on my mind, but I may take days or weeks before the thought is complete while other thoughts I must quickly grab hold of a pen to try and quickly capture it. Sometimes I take what I've written and blog it, or post it on social media or even send it in an email to someone I feel I need to or a text message. I wish I could tell you how many times I get replies from people of not only the timely need for the message, but it's perfect timing. That's God!

It's not uncommon for people to message me on Facebook and tell me how it feels like my post is exactly for them. I always reply, "It is...I just may not have known it for it is God using it."

God knows you inside and out. He knows everything about you. You can't hide from Him, offend Him, outwit Him or control Him. He's God. Find Comfort in that because the God who wraps the sky with stars and space has also wrapped you in Amazing Grace. If you are far from Him today know that He takes His time...He can wait. Because He is also a Gentlemen. But when He draws you in, surrender your heart to it for with God you can only win. He's got you covered.

Rise up, Champions! Gods got your heart. ~Nicole

"O Lord, how great are your works! Your thoughts are very deep."
Psalm 92:5