Prime Real Estate

"Did I but live nearer to God, I could be of so much more help."
-George Hodges

Do you have good neighbors? When people look for a place to live one of the factors they look at is the neighborhood. What's it like? How about the people who live there? The quality of our neighbors can make or break our ability to thrive in our environment.

We are beyond blessed with amazing neighbors! Not just one, but all of them. We look out for each other. They look out for my kids. We help each other. We bless each other. We can relax more securely knowing this.

A close relationship with God is like having a piece of prime real estate with an amazing neighbor! You can do life with greater comfort and ease because you don't get distressed easily. You will have a sense of calm about you that others can detect. You won't agitate easily or uproot easily either. You feel safe. You are safe and others can enjoy your company. Move in closer to Him today! ~Nicole