Perception is Reality?

Yesterday we took six kids, three of my own and three friends, to SunSplash water park in Northern California. My son turned nine last Monday and this was our celebration! It was such a great day. The children had so much fun and my husband and I just relaxed near the water on a chaise lounge, drinking in the sun shine. In fact, I can't remember the last time John and I relaxed in the sun together just the two of us (without at least one child climbing all over us). It wasn't quite the same as our honeymoon in Jamaica, but it will do! (Babe, let's go to Jamaica, again!)

There was a woman "camped out" next to us, enjoying the afternoon as well while her children enjoyed the park. She was very friendly and very chatty. Right away engaging me in conversation, not to the point of monopolizing my attention, but small questions and conversation now and then. We hadn't been there before and she was very helpful actually! This woman was probably mid to upper forties and in pretty good fitness shape, but had verbalized to me that she wasn't where she wanted to be. I said nothing at all about fitness, just let her talk and I listened.

At this particular park you cannot bring any food in. I had packed my meals for the day, as I am on a focused nutrition plan for a competition I plan to do real soon, but couldn't bring the food in. Just when I was getting ready to leave the park to eat the woman informed me that there was a Subway inside. Perfect! I can create something with that for sure! Small talk went on, questions asked of me, all afternoon. I always enjoy friendly people. When she was packing up to leave I gave her my business card and told her that I would love to share Advocare Nutrition with her if she would be interested in hearing. She had spent much of her conversation toward me focused on fitness. Because I had spent little time speaking and most of the time listening, I learned a lot. I learned she works hard at it, but isn't where she wants to be. I knew she would love the product line. Though I do not go around smothering people with my Advocare products and business, I am always listening and paying attention. I know I have something that can help so many the way it helped me. I kicked a five plus years Pepsi addiction with Spark and the vitamins revamped my energy, focused my attention and gave me momentum in the fitness goals I was already working toward. I've watched Advocare revolutionize the lives of some of my closest family members. Sound and safe nutrition packaged with optimal care, efficacy, combination of ingredients, to yield amazing results. It is so amazing what our bodies can do, how effeciently they can function and cope with external and internal stress when we just get proper nutrition through diet, proper rest and sound supplementation (not all vitamins are created equal).

Here is the peculiar thing that happened...the woman had been so fixated on my fitness/physique that when I told her I had a background in nutrition and was a personal trainer she blurted out, "I knew it! I knew you had to be a trainer!" She was so fixated on this, it was like her ears turned off after that. I simply wanted to share Advocare with her, but she thought I was trying to sell her personal training services. I explained, "Oh, no, I do not live in the area, just wanted to share about the products." She was very friendly, but completey stuck on the training thing. She continued to ask training questions and tell me she already had a trainer. I could see that she was listening, but not hearing what I was saying. So, I let her finish and wished her well and I left it at that. As she gathered her children and walked away, about 25 feet away from me, she turned around and gave me a big wave and said, "Bye, Nicole, so nice to meet you!" I smiled.

It was a bit sad to me. Based on all she had shared I knew I could help with the last little key ingredient to help her achieve what she was looking for once and for all. But she missed out on a blessing because she couldn't hear me. Have you ever had someone misread you because they weren't listening? It's like they get something, a perception, stuck in their head and are unwilling or unable to shift their thinking for whatever reason? It can be very frustrating when you are simply trying to help someone and be a blessing in an area you know you can help, but are met by a wall of wrong thinking. Do not be discouraged. Keep pressing on and moving forward. You have a message in your heart, it may not be about fitness, health or nutrition, but it's about something and God gave it to you to pursue and to share and to benefit others, including yourself. You are a star meant to shine bright. Others will be drawn to your sparkle when you just keep on believing and anchor yourself on the knowledge that God is with you and helping you and will bring the right people to you who will lock arms and be on the team, too.

It is my belief that all of life is purposed for many great adventures, but ultimately, it is all about relationships...what we do with them, how we treat, help and bless others. Cultivating an atmosphere of love to make the world a better place. To me, this is adorable.

Blessings to you! Be the Difference in the life of another, you are a Champion in Action!