"Love Tucks"

Today is Father's Day and it is the reason for my post. I want to honor all of the fathers (for I am honored when I hear men tell me that they read my blog, more than I would have thought), but my Father is the motivation for my words. Any Dads out there, take it as encouragement of your heart as well. You are vital, needed and worth more than you know to your children.

When I was a little girl, up until about the age of six, I remember vividly that my Dad would come tuck me in bed at night, say prayers with me and then he would do something so special it is burned on my brain and in my heart for life. Dad, I bet you don't even remember, but when I was little, after we'd say good night, you would tuck me in....literally. You would tuck the covers all along each side of my body and under my body, so I looked a bit like a little mummy frozen in blankets. You'd say good night, then turned out the lights. After you had gone, I would lay there, my heart feeling warm and fuzzy about the whole thing and I would lay as still as I could until I fell asleep because I didn't want to disturb the "tuckings" you had made. Sometimes I would start to get uncomfortable, but I willed myself not to move. It was like you were still there with me if the tucks went undisturbed. One of my best memories.

You were the one who taught me how to water ski and then drop down to the single ski on my 13th birthday. Remember? I was skiing along and lost a ski on the water. You signaled from the boat for me to keep going, don't let go of the rope. After I went down, you got into the water with me and helped me as I tried to learn how to pull up behind that boat onto one single ski. It was getting late, everyone was ready to call it a night. Thanks for that Dad, one of my best memories.

When I was in high school you came to every single game I cheered at and drove me all over Northern California with a car full of girls (Mom, too, but this is your post).

You worked hard to give me the things money could provide, and I am so grateful, but it is in these little things that my heart was captivated. Even all the countless tickle matches after you got home from work. You would tickle me until it hurt and I begged you to stop. Some of my best memories.

You took me to church every Sunday morning. You sat in the living room listening to gospel albums as you waited for the rest of us (because you are always ready 30 minutes before the rest of us). One of my favorite memories.

I can't buy you a new boat or the latest golfing gear. No surprise trip to Cabella's Sporting Goods Store. I won't be going hunting with you (but maybe the boys can one year). My camping days of youth are over, but your expeditions live on as my children are building memories with you as well. They adore their camp outs and fishing and outdoor fun.

I know I'm not so little, but your spot in my heart is just like the little girl who wanted to move about, but choose to be still under the covering of her father's "love tucks".  So, today the gift I give is one that's from the heart. I honor you with my pen and show the world just how much I adore you.

The greatest badge of honor or accomplishment any man can have, is the lasting legacy of love, a Father to his children. Yet, there is something special to a little girl about a father's love. You are in my heart always.

Thanks, Dad, for everything. Happy Father's Day...

I love you.