Recipe for Hope

My heart stirs in the early morning hours. I usually wake with a theme from the Lord in my heart that I recognize He would desire to flow from my pen. A creative writer's heart is generally attached to their pen and even when it is information to be conveyed, the measure of love, hope, inspiration and encouragement contained inside that heart will flow through as well. It's like drinking infused water. But when you couple the gift for prophesy in there as well there is the empathy revealed that solely belongs to the Lord. This gift can see the unknown, hear the unknown and feel the unknown. So it is not unnatural for one to experience the natural emotions of others with this gift. Sometimes I can literally feel the heart of another or how God feels about them. This makes it possible to experience and express deep connection with people who are hurting. It is a measuring tool of God to expedite healing.

I woke this morning feeling the broken hearted ness of young females. I saw in my dreams the various struggles common to the modern day 20 year old woman. Sadness unexpressed from experiences they have had. Then I began to pray about how God would use me to love, influence and impact them with an Infusion of Hope and give them a Recipe for Love.

I was thanking God for His wisdom and revelatory knowledge. I was reminded of a specific few friends and how God has developed and is using their gifts and I got thinking I needed to share with you to help you pinpoint your gifts too. Many people feel burdens of God within their heart and mind that are a Beautiful Calling and they do not realize that is what it is. For example...

At least 10 years ago I had a friend share with me that she had this secret desire in her heart that she couldn't explain and didn't tell people for fear of what they would say to her. She longed to make a bunch of peanut butter sandwiches and go to Wilson Way (a rough area of my city known for prostitution) and feed the homeless and the prostitutes. "Is that weird?" Was her common after statement. I have another friend who told me she would drive down the street and her mind would almost always drift to curious thoughts about the lives of the children who lived behind the closed doors of the homes. We're they hurting? Were they being loved and cared for? "Isn't that odd?" She would wonder every time.

I will tell you what I told them both, "it is a burden from God". He is giving you His heart for a specific need in your community. I told the first to go make sandwiches and I told the second to pray that God in His timing will open those doors for her to see and meet the needs. Both women this day are doing EXTRAORDINARY things at high levels in the areas they shared about with me confidentially all those years ago. Can I take credit for any of that? Not an ounce. But here is what I know, God used me to infuse Hope and resonate understanding by making the connection for them of how what they were thinking and feeling was really God's call for them. How many people are being called to do something but don't know the connection and how to get started? God used my words to help encourage them.

We are all tied together in the Kingdom of God. My gifts affect and assist your gifts and yours do for mine and so on and so on and so on. God needs you. He could do it all Himself, but that's not how He chooses to work. He is deeply relational. So He Infuses us with the good things of His Nature and floods us with Purpose and abilities and desires to send us out as Fishers of Men. You've got an important part to play. Stay the coarse. Ask God to reveal His Hope in you in the manner He desires to the community around you. He is all inclusive and He has an important role for you. Finish Strong. You are Important! ~Nicole

"My heart is overflowing with a good theme;
I recite my composition concerning the King;
My tongue is the pen of a ready writer." Psalm 45:1