Resistance To Go The Distance


Regular, physical activities, such as resistance training have cardiovascular and neuromuscular benefits. You can change your body fat, body weight and overall body composition...sculpting your body to the shape you desire. However, there are some benefits to weight training that may often be overlooked.

Resistance training has a mental component. One must push through pain to achieve the desired goal (a finished rep, circuit, workout). The more you workout, the better you become at dealing with discomfort and becoming somewhat "comfortable with the uncomfortable". I believe people who practice the discipline of making their bodies purposely uncomfortable through physical activities, be it the weight room, the athletic field, the side of a mountain...these persons are able to transfer their association with discomfort to  other discomforts in life.

It is often quotes that the mind gives out before the body.

Stress at work? Home life? Strained or troubled relationships or maybe even finances in a tailspin? Physically trained individuals are able to push through the pain of afflictions and press on toward the prize... restored comfort or maybe even a higher level of comforts. Fitness will for sure cause you to become more confident and comfortable in your own skin, which is your real “power suit” to begin with!

So, get out there and do something. Exercise your self discipline muscle and build an overall better self who is equipped and tenacious to handle all that life throws at you. I believe you can! ~Nicole