Rest Is Risk

What does it mean to be a risk taker? Many think or consider really extreme risks like bungee jumping or sky diving (I admit I am curious about sky diving but haven’t done it—bungee jumping? Not a chance! Not interested.) You can take financial risks, investment portfolio risks, leaving a job, stepping out in Faith for something bigger and better. Any time you shop for a used car you take a risk.

Here’s a few risks maybe we don’t consider as risks—getting more work accomplished or done. Do we hold back from doing that little extra effort or tackling the procrastinated project because if may feel uncomfortable? The discomfort may be physical, emotional, spiritual or psychological.

Sometimes I have a long list of errands to run in addition to the day to day expectations. I frequently have to assess and decide where I have a little wiggle room to make a calculated risk on timing. Will I have enough time to run here quick, do that or speak to so and so? Sometimes I can take the risk and go for it and other times I hold back for a time slot that’s a better fit.

Life isn’t really meant to be lived on the extreme...
Or is it?

This is more of a question to ponder than to answer. Every person is different. Every capacity is not the same. Some can just shoulder more and some less. Each is special and unique and wrapped in a package with a mindset God Alone can make complete.

I tend to be one who pushes through pain or discomfort. I have my whole life—it is just how God wired me. It’s not anything I thought about until I was an adult and noticed that not everyone did this. I’ve never been quick to give up or quit something. Any time I have quit it has been because the Spirit of God redirected me, so it was really more of an adjusting my sails and course than quitting. Because I seek His guidance and make choices based on His will for my life—I have had a few times He has radically shifted direction on me or opened up my understanding to realize a given purpose or event was for a totally different reason or benefit than my little mind could previously handle.

God reveals in His time.

Because of this...
We must practice in the day to day, moment by moment the ability to abide. Take each step with the knowledge there is a Divine plan and direction for our life. Sometimes, no most times, we have to quit coddling our comfort zone and get uncomfortable and explore the unknown so we can grow and receive all God’s best.

John Maxwell says to treat your comfort zone as though it were the plague. But we just also know there are times we are called to abide in inactive rest.

Rest is a spiritual countenance not a physical state. But spiritual rest can sometimes look like physical rest.

The entire month of October I feel God gave me a “staycation “ I desperately needed (physical down time and sleep). He literally cleared my calendar. All kinds of little things I had no control over and I realized, “Lord! I see you in this and I thank you for the rest!” But I had to actively chose rest because I barely worked so I had to trust him financially.

It was a wonderful month for me. But only because I took the risk of trusting and therefore enjoyed my down time instead of wasting it frowning and worrying.

Then immediately after, work picked back up and He gave me an assignment that requires tremendous effort and physical vigor. He prepared me for the upcoming discomfort!

And He will do the same for you. Just take a deep breath and inhale His Love, Joy, Presence. His greatest will of obedience for you is to receive His love and Affection. Then hold it there. Then exhale every little care—both the good and the stressful. Know He’s got it. Without trials we would never truly know how to actively rest in Him and develop our ability to be in a perpetual state of Peace.

The Shalom of Heaven rest on you today as you navigate what the Holy Spirit has designed for you. Whether it’s rest, vigor, adrenaline spiking thrilling or something your not liking. He’s got Rest for you in it. Trust it. Then get after it! And in all of our going for God’s Gold, remember as we plan, to surrender our every plan to Him. Not all good plans are a God plan. His timing and Purpose Reign over all.

Have a Beautiful day. I pray this note crosses the eyes of whoever it’s meant for. It has been a Holy Spirit spontaneous writing.