Ridiculous? Or Amazing!

Anything miraculous looks ridiculous and absurd-impossible if you will-until the Miracle occurs.

Think you've got an obstacle too big to overcome? Let's recap some amazing tales of victories won:
1. Samson pushed down a building with his bare hands after an epic failure with God.
2. Noah built some ridiculous structure and talked about, what did he call it?...rain?
3. Moses convinced a king to release free labor.
4. David escaped the wrath of Saul, alive.
5. Gods people marched around a wall, yelled at it and the fortress fell down!
6. Gideon said he had too much help so let some men go home when they were already outnumbered in battle.
7. And Mary had a baby, who died for boldly declaring His worth and rolled away his gravestone three days later.

The Bible is full of ridiculous stories that became nothing short of ridiculously amazing! What was the common denominator for all? Each involved people who believed, did not retreat, but pushed in hard and deep and knew a little something about perseverance.

Don't quit. Never fail to believe that God can and is willing to do anything so show up and show off for you. Believe it! Behind every storm the Son is still shining. ⛅️~Nicole

"For nothing will be impossible with God." ~ Luke 1:37