My first house had a swimming pool. Loved my pool, but I found it amazing how many people invite themselves over to your house to use your pool when you have one. This took me back a bit because I just wasn't raised like that. Good, well meaning people who literally didn't think it would be a big deal to come use my pool when they wanted even if I wasn't home. My husband and I had pretty strict boundaries when it came to the pool-- a swimming pool can be an accident zone and there are many liabilities for the pool owner. We chose to play it safe.

I had one friend at this time in my life, we were both young Moms, who was always asking to bring her kids for a swim. I was friendly with her, but didn't know her super well. I agreed and set a time and day for them all to come "play". What happened when she came over was truly different. She came in with her kids, offered everyone a popsicle and then they all jumped in the pool, swam for less than an hour and she and her boys were out, dried and in her car waving bye in under 60 minutes time. It was, in fact, the shortest children's play date I had ever experienced.

As I sat to read my Bible this morning I began to pray that I wouldn't rush through the reading in order to "FINISH". I wanted God to search my heart, expose my Hope and drop into my Spirit everything He wanted me to see in this passage of reading. So many nuggets of gold hidden in the Word of God. Small words, specific punctuation and an extraordinary eye for detail. Many of the richest fruits found in the Word are easily glossed over time and time again.

As I prayed and asked God to marinate my heart as I soaked in His Presence I was reminded of that play date all those years ago. I realized that how guilty we all are of rushing through the experience of the Holy Spirit and never truly cultivate our relationship or time with Him because we are in and out and on to the next activity or event.

I don't want a friendship like that. I want to nuzzle up close and burrow my face in...I want to see, hear, inhale, experience my Most Faithful Friend. His heart is like the ocean...I want to swim deep and search it out.

What are some ways you've been slighting God and short changing him on quality time? How can you make a greater allowance in your day to pull up a chair beside Him and linger a bit longer under His Master Hand? He wants more of you. He cares about your time, too. If you make the time to spend quality time with Him you will find your every aspect of your every day will fall right into place. It's a Glorious Place. His plans always work out best.

Take some time with Him and watch something truly Beautiful unfold within ...