Success Is A Journey


You are Extraordinary.
There isn’t another like you.
Heaven has never created another like you.
The saying goes “they broke the mold”...
And it’s true. Heaven was so smitten when it founded the Heavens and stars and had you in mind that when it came your time the delight of those stars couldn’t be counted. God, the Father, became a proud Papa the day you were but the twinkle in His eye. Even prouder the day you were born.

Do you believe it?
Can your heart receive it?
You are favored.
You are loved.
You have extraordinary gifts and talents the world around needs.
They don’t just need it, they crave it. Their are souls counting on you to fulfill your God given purpose and destiny on this planet.

What holds you back?

Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit? (What an excellent sermon my church offered on this subject last Sunday—at the end the presence of the Holy Spirit was thick in the air. I could discern His Powerful Presence on my fingertips. It was Gorgeous. Here’s the link if you would like to watch it.)

Every area of lack, He goes in and himself fills those voids or cracks and sustains supernatural your ability to go, do, achieve all He designed and blessed you to conceive in your heart and mind.

You are a success.

Any ounce of failure was a blessing because it seasoned your soul with wisdom and determination and a foundation to build something even better.

So don’t let the storms of life keep you under the weather. The barometer of Heaven measures on a different scale. You are a Breath-taking, heart swelling, creative miracle of heaven here by Design. You can do anything. Just believe and put the Almighty in the lead, intercede and watch His miracles unfold.

You, my friend, are carved from pure gold. An absolute diamond are you!

Be delighted in your day just as Heaven surely and completely delights in you.

Have a Blessed and Encouraged Day!


(Deuteronomy 28:2-8)