Life Can Be A Pain In The Neck

Having children requires an incredible sense of humor. Every parent has stories galore of funny things their children did or said. Sometimes it’s not so funny so you must laugh anyway because humor dulls the pain. So here’s a smile for your day with my   

"Kid Humor" flashback:

My third son is quite the character. He’s the funny that is both smart wit mixed with intense sarcasm. Sometimes he says things he should be corrected on, but inside you’re seriously holding in the laughter and smile (because he’s just that good).

I recall a funny little story from several years back. One morning he was complaining his neck hurt. He was maybe 6 years old? Picture him, neck bent right. He gets off to school fussing and holding his neck. About an hour later I get a call from the school to go get him.

All day he milked it.

Next day, same thing.

So his father tells him that if he stays home another day he will have to go to the Dr. and they may draw blood.

He decides to try school.

Apparently, when I picked him up he testified of his 'miraculous healing'.

(If you know this child you will know how deeply hysterical this truly is. He’s not only funny, but is also the king of facial expressions.)

The only way to acquire tenacity, fortitude and gratitude is to go through it. It is often said that God won't give you more than you can handle. I'm not sure that's a true statement or in the Bible. But the Bible does say He will not exasperate you. He knows exactly what you need and what you can handle and how much help to offer to help you handle whatever it is you face. What you can do is trust him.

Despite the cuteness of my son's little story, you understand that God is always in it for your trust, character development and His own Glory. He knows He can handle the credit better than we humans can. So press may have your miraculous healing or provision right around the corner waiting at the end of the day. He's got you and you will quit before He ever does. So don't give up! 

(Matthew 10:24-39)