Tear It Off!

"Since they could not get him to Jesus because of the crowd, they made an opening in the roof above Jesus by digging through it and then lowered the mat the man was lying on." Mark 2:4

God is looking for people who are willing to work around the crowd to get to His feet. When we decide we desire to live a fully surrendered life we begin the process of complete death of the flesh. The flesh is anything that holds us back from complete and absolute obedience to God's will and plan for our life. It could be fear that holds us back, our wealth, our health, our family and friends, and peer pressure. People, in general, tend to care what others think of them. If this weren't true salons, gyms, department stores, car dealers, and house builders to name a few- would not make the incredible money they do. There's nothing wrong with wanting to be excellent and make a good impression, but if it at all hinders us from living the fully surrendered life-the life of a Disciple versus a church going believer-then it is an idol. An idol is anything that keeps us from the will of God. The Disciple is one who is willing to pay a higher price. Sometimes, in order for God to help us overcome any fear or opinion of man He will allow circumstances outside our control to occur. These circumstances create an impression on others that is different from the truth. It could be something small or something great, either way God has been known to do such things in order to get his Disciple to the place of absolute obedience to the Call despite how it looks to others.

The man in Mark 2 is a perfect example. Think about it, in the first century a roof was enormously time costly to build and financially costly to build. To cut a hole in the roof merely so he could be lowered down by his friends to see Jesus? What did the people think? It was costly. It was unconventional. It wasn't the way everyone else was going. It didn't look good. In fact, it probably looked incredibly unwise, poorly planned and dangerous. It involved uncertain risk. But the man didn't care. All that he could see was a gleam in his eye of what would happen when he got to the foot of the Savior. He desired his healing so badly he was willing to do anything to meet the Teacher. It was ugly. It didn't look good, but oh how Glorious when he met Jesus!

What is your roof top? What are the obstacles? Are they thick like a cloud that block your view of the vision in your heart? Jesus' had a heart that is moved to compassion all through the Bible by people who did the unthinkable just to touch his robe. These people knew that what was on the other side of hardship was worth looking foolish, unwise or even a poor steward. They knew the Truth and they persevered to receive it...Do the same. God is with you every step of the way. He has Designed and Created you to be Purpose-Intense, Risky and Dangerous. Don't give up! Any dream worth having is most lustrous when only by the hand of the Father can it come to pass. God loves to confound the intellect of man by doing things in extremely unique ways. It's kind of His signature card!

You're equipped with the strength to get the job done. Get busy...you've got some roof tops to tear off! The best is yet to come! ~Nicole