The Giver



He is a God of the Extraordinary and has always been willing to take extraordinary steps and measures for you. He carves your path, He writes the road map and He is patient, deliberate and purposeful in His decision to walk with you. You need only grab hold of His Hand. He alone can comfort, exhort and protect greater than anyone else in your life can. He's got you!


"Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths."

Proverbs 3:6


Blaming others for your problem only perpetuates your pain (and your problem for that matter).


Look upward and INWARD to make changes that lead to healing. I believe the wisest of people are those who are willing to address their own heart and pray, "Search my heart oh God!"


Purity of heart is the only way to obtain the deepest of intimacy with the Lord. I don't know about you, but entering His Court isn't enough for me...


I want to be in the Holy of Holies. Absolute intimacy...Extraordinary.



This is what fuels my willingness to obey Truth. And when I think of the level of love He has poured out for us—I realize we have only scratched the surface of what abounds for us and He is willing to ignite within us.


God is such a Giver.


It is His absolute nature to Give. He takes delight in blessing and blessing and blessing. Hand over fist. He loves the look on your face when something wonderful happens to you and for you. Your smile and enthusiasm are contagious to Heaven’s Soul and make the Father want to bless you more.


But what of this blessing? What is it for? Don’t forget, Beloved. You are incredibly loved and Heaven delights to give to you. What will you do with the Gift? How will you use it? Will you regift it? Or will you cherish it and then share it again with others in your own unique way? What does your heart and soul long for?


I’ve been waking up every morning with a song in my head. I have done so for years. I believe it’s the Lords way of setting the tone for my day. I generally wake up happy with anticipation of what the Lord will share with me. When I have disturbing dreams or revelatory dreams about things I don’t want to know or don’t understand I struggle with it a bit more—but overall I wake up excited to spend time with my Love, my God.


The song I’ve risen with the past few weeks has been from the movie The Greatest Showman. I love this song. It’s beautiful. It’s like drinking liquid at the perfect temperature. It’s lyric soothe. It’s a love song.


What would happen if you took a few moments to listen and meditate on heaven and how you feel about your Intimacy with the Intimate One? I’ve included the link at the bottom.


Why do you do what you do? Is it for the blessing? The honor? The Glory? Or is it for His? I’ve been through so much hardship in my life—but I can honestly say, though I’ve had to give up much to go up with God,  I would continue to do so. I will give up whatever God requires to continue to hold His intimacy. Hearing God’s Voice and watching Him perform Signs and Wonders is breath taking.


Let Him wake up a dream is you.

May His Voice get louder and echo deep down in your soul.


Don’t look back...