My Snuggle Bug


Yesterday was my son, Andrew’s 8th Birthday. I love Andrew immensely. Andrew is significantly younger than his siblings. I endured all kinds of comments when I was pregnant and he was an infant. Yes, I know how these things happen. I was an older Mom when I had him.

Our entire family was going through the trial of our life. We were enduring the lawsuit from hell with a man who taught me a lot by default about fraud, malice, oppression and how to “work” the court system. If this weren’t bad enough the person was stalking and threatening us at our home.   My stress levels were so high in this season that my hair was falling out in clumps.

When I discovered I was pregnant I wasn’t sure I had the stamina. So much stress. Such an awful season. I felt horrible for having these feelings. i was worried my stress levels would harm the baby.

But can I say, in light of New York’s mandate regarding the unborn, Andrew is what held me together in a most horrific season of my life. When he was an infant he would stroke my hair as I held him and he would gently fondle my eye lashes. I couldn’t believe how soothing his little touch was. He was and still is the most gentle natured little gentleman. He speaks tremendous words of affirmation to me daily to this day. He seems to be smitten with me and reminds me of my beauty every day. I have zero doubt of his feeling toward his mom. His love belittles my fears and builds me up. This little guy has the same love language as me. He knows how to speak to me, naturally. God knew he was exactly what I needed and how to time his entrance to my life.


So be encouraged. There is no such thing as a crisis pregnancy or bad timing. God knows. I think my little one is the one secret ingredient God used to keep me from becoming totally undone in a most horrific season of soul. I adore this little boy more than any could know. Speak life. Breathe life. Protect life. The unborn are our most precious gifts...

That’s all, Have a good LIFE.


Pray for America:

God, please help us as a nation. We have become undone by the influence of the Dark One who roams about deceiving. Forgive us. We don’t know what we are doing. We need you, God. We need your touch in America. Open our hearts. Open our eyes. Remove the veils. Love prevails. Kiss us gently upon the heart and massage us back to health. We have become undone. Amen.