THE Voice!

"My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me." John 10:27

I had an interesting experience yesterday. I made a quick stop in the bank yesterday afternoon. I seemed to have unintentionally timed it just right because there was no line and only maybe two other people with tellers. I was invited right up to a window for my business. As the teller walked away to retrieve something for me I waited there and observed the teller at the window next to me was teaching the woman she was helping how to recognize a genuine $100 bill. I glanced at her then the woman who intently listened. I didn't think much of it and turned my gaze away. But what happened next kind of surprised me. The woman being serviced spoke to the teller and I immediately recognized and knew her voice. I hadn't thought the woman's appearance familiar at all, but I had zero doubt I knew her in my past because the voice was so incredibly familiar. It took me a moment to scramble through my memory files. She continued talking and this really helped the process! She began to walk out and I glanced at her again because I had finally pinpointed how I knew her. She had been my neighbor in the house John had purchased before our marriage, but we lived in for many years. She was an excellent neighbor! I hadn't seen this woman in about 12 years and her appearance was different...but I knew her voice!

This is how it should be with God. When you know him, you know how He speaks to you through the Holy Spirit. You recognize his tone, his inflection and cues. He is always there gently guiding you with His voice. You don't have to see his form to know His talk. It doesn't matter how long you've been away from Him, you can still recognize when He speaks to you. Try listening to Him today. Invite Him to speak into your life. Listen. Abide. No more negative self talk or doubt. You know Him and you know His Voice. He is a friend like none other! ~Nicole