Timeless Treasure~

"When my anxieties were great within me your consolation brought me joy." Psalm 94:19

Obedience to God produces a peculiar glory and builds a peculiar faith in a God who tends to delight to do things...peculiarly. I think He likes mystery. He likes to show off a bit. Not because He has an enlarged ego-but He could if He wanted- take a look at how successful He is at accomplishing what He purposes Himself toward. No, He likes to show off like a peacock attempting to woo a bride. He adores humanity and He desires to be adored by us all. He longs for our friendship, loyalty, acceptance and community. He is quite exquisite actually. The Creator of the Universe with all power at His disposal also possesses the ability to desire relationship with His creation. Extraordinary to say the least.

The deeper you move into the heart of God the greater our dependency on His leadership, His influence and His friendship becomes on our life. His earmark of Glory becomes a deep crease upon our heart that cannot nor will not be smoothed out. It is a forever fixed mark. As our heart bends more and more for Him so does our life, our choices and our inward thoughts and disposition. We become like Him. This is so truly fundamental to the community of the Body of Christ. As we become like Him we become like minded to one another creating a wave of water with each drop representing each other retaining autonomy yet moving, mingling, tangled together in fluidity in a beauty that prevents the Body from knowing where one ends and the other begins. We become One.

I've always had a tender fascination with God. I could feel the intimacy of His touch on my heart at a young age. I love how the Spirit drew me in and gave me an early fascination with my pen. From my pen my heart became free to flow. Early on it served as a supernatural way to bypass my mind and its ability to reason and control my life. It was a way to ease past all that and just relax in His Presence. It took me years to realize what He was doing, but I knew Him. Have you ever met someone and though you did not know them well they became an instant friend? I've had people I felt immediate bond and what may have taken years to cultivate in friendship God did in a matter of months. This is how it has always been with me and God. That is why I believe God orders all of our life, even our relationships. He has purpose for everything. Even when it is peculiar.

I have always had this deep desire to please God like a child who wants to please their parent. I think He likes that about me...I know He does. He knows my desire to know Him best of all my friendships and that desire drives me to do all He leads me to do. I am well acquainted with faith living to what I guess would be considered dare devil levels. The funny thing is I'm not a dare devil at all. I am organized, efficient, practical and simple by nature. But when God steps onto the scene He sweeps me off of my feet and my heart begins to sing a melody and no ounce of reason or common sense or worldly thinking can shake His desires for me. So I do it his way each day.

I want to compel people with the love and kindness of Christ. I want to affect their preconceived thoughts of religion or holiness. I want to stir their curiosity to know the deepest friendship with God they can have. I want everyone to see that peacock feather extended to their finger that they may touch him, be touched by him and his absolute beauty can wash over them. He dries every eye. He can make every face smile. He can crowd our heart so full when He moves in...there's nothing left to do but enjoy Him.

If you'd like to know God that way I invite you to pray to Him. But not in a ceremonial way. Just casually call upon Him like you would phone a friend. Tell Him you heard a few things about His nature-you can even say I sent you šŸ™‚ ask Him to reveal Himself like a showy peacock in your circumstances, your life, your heart. He never disappoints. Life can disappoint, but life does that. But my God is Constant. He is Steady. He is Resolute. I cannot live without Him and I dare suggest that neither can you. I think He's been waiting for you to let Him come a little closer and enter your heart a little deeper. If you can trust anyone, you can trust Him.

He is a Timeless, Flawless Treasure.