Under Warranty

"Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good.
His love endures forever.”
Psalm 136:1

We live in a world that puts a lot of emphasis on status. We identify ourselves by titles, accomplishments, monetary gain and recognition.

So where does that leave me when my entire life I am not particularly motivated by any of these things?

When I was younger it left me a bit apathetic. I "did", because I was expected to and wanted to please my parents, please my teachers and have the satisfaction of knowing I tried.  However, I was not monetarily, socially or academically motivated to climb any sort of ladders. I began wondering what the point was anyway?

This is where God reached in and some beautiful things began to sink in. I learned my Purpose and it gave me a reason and motivation to fulfill God's Dreams for my life. Now THIS was something I could get behind. Because I wasn't overly motivated to be in the "in crowd" or have fancy stuff or go to an Ivy League school, but have always been very good at getting along with pretty much anyone (I have a genuine love for people), I found myself in the unique place of getting along with every group of youth without feeling like I truly belonged or was an "insider" to any of them. Kind of unique actually...
Here's what I've learned as I have grown to be super tight with the Man upstairs who does everything right...

Gods love is not fickle. Nothing you do could make him grimace or shrink back. He is Constant. His Mercy and affections fail not. In fact, He is completely fixated upon you. His love has no expiration or warranty date. He lives to saturate people with His Kindness.

Have you ever really thought of God’s affection toward you? Can God be smitten? Of course He can. His love for us is captivating-heart and soul. It is us who struggle to understand pure loves significance. His love is never conditional or works driven. He loves just because…it is who He Is. So stop having a performance mindset. You can’t jump through enough flaming hoops to earn what He did for you. And that’s ok because He isn’t keeping track. He’s just excited to be your friend. ~Nicole