Last night I was lying down in my room, with headphones in my ears, relaxing and listening to some amazing Kim Walker Smith Worship music. I love her stuff, it evokes through words and music the emotion I feel toward my Savior. I was enjoying my time with God. After a while, I dozed off to sleep, but was awakened by my 3 year old son who was imploring me to wake up. I looked at the time, it was 9:30pm. I realized it was actually time he got to bed, late night for him. So, I got him ready and told him that he needed to go to bed now. He began to whimper and cry softly saying he wanted to go back downstairs…that he didn’t want to go to bed. But do you know what that sweet little guy did? He sniffled as he cried, but he crawled up onto my bed and tucked himself under my covers and I lay down next to him, our usual routine. Then he rolled to face me and I to him and he said, “Ok, Mom, let’s pray to Jesus….Dear, Jesus…” and so he began to pray. I love his prayers, deep and meaningful yet pure and simple. He never forgets to pray. He then snuggled me a moment and fell right to sleep.


Isn’t this such a valiant yet sweet representation of how the children of God are to be…full of submission to our Authority. Obedient.  Even though my son didn’t want to go to bed, he did not kick and scream, he showed emotion, but he obeyed me. He didn’t pout as he lay there, he turned his gaze to Jesus.


"So the King will greatly desire your beauty;
 Because He is your Lord, worship Him." Psalm 45:11


The entire chapter of Psalm 45 has personal spiritual significance related to the call on my life from God. God is my King. I treat him as one. I am in awe of who he is, how he is and the fact that he desires relationship with his creation. Someone asked me recently about how to increase church involvement at their parish. The answer is simply one of relationship. People who have had the veil over their eyes pulled away, so all they see is the Power of Gods Love over them, or they witness how God intervened and changed their life… these are the ones who crave his Presence. True Worshippers.


I write for The Lord and cast it out like a net, fishing for hearts who need salve. Hearts that are ready for the message God has placed on my heart. I don't always feel like writing, but I always obey....because I have been unveiled, like a bride on her wedding day and all I see is Jesus.


It amazes me the response I get from others who I wasn’t even aware they were reading what I write. I went to Back to School night at the High School this week and John and I both had men and woman tell us that the wife is reading my devotions and then emailing her favorites to her husband and they read them together. (This came from multiple couples who told us separately…God is so cool!) Only God can do that. I didn’t even know they were aware I was writing.


God uses the most unlikely vessels. I am incredibly private, writing requires transparency if one is to effectively connect with their audience…especially when you are unaware who your audience will be on any given writing. I yield wholly to the Holy Spirit. I write as he leads on whatever topic he declares. Then the Holy Spirit grabs it and directs it where he wants it to go. I have had many people tell me that my words leap off the screen as though they were just for them. I always defer the praise to God…it is the power of the Holy Spirit using my words. I know there are also others who are not impacted by my writing. I am ok with that. I am not called to help everyone, but I am called to help someone and God decides, each day, who that someone will be, all for His Glory.


What is it in your heart that God has lead you to? You have gifts and talents, abilities that are expressed through you as through no one else. Use them, to honor the King of all Kings who will never perish or step down from His Throne…he is enthralled with your beauty and believes you can do whatever he directs you to. He made you after all! He is fully aware of what you are capable of.


I’m talking about my Jesus! If he isn’t already, he can be your Jesus, too!