Walk Your Hips Off!

Walk Your Hips Off…


Women come in all shapes and sizes and I think this is beautiful. Some women are curvy and some are trim, but one thing we all have in common is when we gain weight, we will each gain it a bit in the hips and thighs. I think it is a part of God’s design…perhaps to protect our reproductive organs as we are givers of life. Or perhaps our hips are there to rest a young life upon like a homemade, organic sling. Whatever God’s recipe for the female physique, to keep it trim and fit we must use it!

There are all types of training methods, philosophies and beliefs. The key is to find what works best for you. Here are a few good questions to ask yourself when beginning a workout/exercise regimen:

  1. What is your goal? Not just goal weight/leanness, but overall health.
  2. What is your lifestyle? I’m talking your daily schedule, family, work, hours, etc. This isn’t going to change much so you much make fitness fit in a way that is doable.
  3. What type of activities do you enjoy? I tell people all the time that if they don’t enjoy the exercise/activity they will not stick with it. It has to be something you enjoy and maybe even look forward to. (I truly look forward to my training. It is refreshing, releasing and therapeutic for me both mentally, physically and emotionally).



Here is another helpful tip:

Do not be intimidated by fitness or fit people. Except for the occasional exception of the extremely vain, most fit people are very passionate about health and fitness and enjoy encouraging others on their journey.

You may be asking yourself questions like this...

"How do I  go about selecting an activity if I haven’t tried a lot of things?" Or maybe when you have it yielded less than desirable results (usually due to lack of commitment or guidance)?

"Is it going to be expensive?"

"Am I going to need a lot of equipment or gadgets?"


You don’t need a lot of money, fancy equipment or a gym membership to get in shape. All you need is Hope, Desire and a Resilient mindset to overcome whatever the wellness obstacle may be. Remember always, YOU CAN DO THIS!

In fact, I want to share a quick story of how I walked an entire inch off of my hips…and I wasn’t trying!

In the summer of 2000 my husband and I went on the trip of a lifetime. We journeyed down under to beautiful Australia for the Olympic Games. We stayed a few days in Sydney at a hotel in the Circular Quay by the Opera House, then we ventured to the home some locals who lived just south of Sydney in a little beach town located on the Peninsula called Cronula. The host family was very accommodating and drove us around a bit, but they still had work and their lives to live and we were with them for 3 entire weeks! They lived about one mile from the train station, so John and I would frequently walk to the train station and then take the train wherever we wanted to go. When at the Olympic venue site it was more and more endless walking. We were having such a great time exploring the sites and scenery that I was not at all focused on the fact that we walked miles every day. I couldn’t even say how many miles we walked, but I would guess 5-7 miles/day. At the time I had two children and was in good shape. I didn’t have as much muscle as I have now, nor was I as lean ( I was not yet off of sugar or eating super clean. I was eating the typical “healthy” American diet). I was wearing a size 4, which was trim for me as my natural setpoint always put me at a 6 (keep in mind I have a very petite frame. Small people gain five pounds and it is noticeable and uncomfortable). My hips were probably measuring around 35.5 inches when we arrived. But by the time we left my pants that I purchased for the trip were sagging off of my hips. I did measure them and I know for a fact that I lost an entire inch over three weeks time. I did nothing different other than all the walking. In fact, walking was the only exercise I got.  Ever since then I have been an extreme believer in the power of walking for fitness. Many may put it down and say it’s not a challenge, but just because it's not for someone else doesn't mean it can't be right fit for you!

If you are feeling frustrated or discouraged with your wellness journey or efforts to lose weight, be encouraged! You may only be a walk away from a trimmer you. You may not be able to start right in at 5 miles a day, but if you make small beginnings and remain consistent and persistent you can add upon those small beginnings and make great gains in your wellness, as well as your confidence and renewed sense of accomplishment. I believe you can! ~Nicole