Way To Work💦👊🏼

Last week I had an experience where someone made a judgement about me based on how I looked. The person doesn't know me really at all, but they felt it important, when I asked them a question relavent to the situation, to verbalized their assumptions. Another person was standing right there and they both began to laugh out loud. I asked my question again, without getting angry, but asked what they considered to be of such great humor? Then I proceeded to do what I was there for and they quickly showed me kindness for they saw that they had inappropriately judged me by their perception of me. They assumed I was some sort of princess who doesn't know how to work. What this sincerely incorrect individual doesn't know is my testimony or my character.

Mine is a testimony of hardship. The more I have grown in obedience to Christ the more I have suffered. I don't walk around crying about it and I am a joyful upbeat person so most haven't a clue all I've been through or go through today. I sometimes ponder and ask God how my testimony could help anyone get closer to Christ or saved? I dread folks will hear my story, become frightened of the Cross and run for their life. So I only share from my myriad of stories as God leads. Don't you know His ways are higher and when He leads and I share it is on the right ears at the right time and it bears witness to something they are going through in their life. Then, I almost always universally hear, "if you could get through that then I know God will help me get through this." I know that's probably a good thing for them and fruit to my story, but I can't say it's something I enjoy. What I do enjoy is the friendship with God I have. I feel like a garden that gets cared for, tended and watered every day! Wouldn't change that for anything!

I have had to dig deep daily. I stay focused on my purpose and the fruitfulness I have faith it will produce for the Kindgdom of God.

I naturally want my obedience to bless myself and my family, who wouldn't? It is innate to want to look out for yourself and your loved ones. But true and pure obedience to the Cross of Jesus Christ obeys because it is our duty. (Acts 5:29)

As a Believer my life does not belong to me. I have been ransomed by a blood stained tree of humility. ( 1 Corinthians 6:20, John 3:16) Not everyone who obeys Christ will endure extremes in suffering as I have, but I also know not everyone will experience the same tender touch with my Heavely Father as I have. He equips you for what He calls you to. If you are called to go to difficult places, He will make sure you are prepared to handle it. (Hebrews 13:21)

So I take the words and jokes at my expense with a grain of salt and love through it. (Luke 6:33) They don't know the depth of my stoicism, but God does and He is who I am aiming to please.

In all of life there will be people making assumptions of us that are incorrect based on their own mindsets, filters and past life experiences. It's going to happen. If it hasn't happened to you yet (count me a little shocked), it will. That's not cynicism, that's reality.


Just as these folks made a negative assumption last week about me, the very next day I had someone make a positive, yet eronious, assumption about me. This assumption, again, based on my external appearance...how I looked! This person told me I could eat whatever I wanted because I was thin. Not true! I am thin because I DONT eat whatever I want! If I ate what I wanted I'd snack all day and never eat a meal and be perfectly happy. Though positive in nature, an incorrect assessment of who I am and how I live. The correct assessment would've been, "You are thin because you have high levels of self control and self discipline" (these are some fruits of the spirit visible in my testimony of obedience. 1 Corinthians 6:19, Galatians 5).

Ive recently been recapping in my heart and mind some of my life stories over the past 20 years and recognizing that some of my obedience to do very difficult things was only to refine me and make me strong. It wasn't to do and become anything grand, which believe it or not had never been my life ambition. But everyone wants their life to matter, to count for something, to make some sort of difference. This is the only thing in life that can really satisfy the soul. It's called Purpose.

I guess I was recapping because I wasn't particularly feeling all that obedience had amounted to much. I was maybe feeling remorse. Not remorse for having obeyed the heart of God, but remorse like I had all that difficulty because I followed God. Not resentful, just contemplative. Most people associate troubled roads with dishonoring God and making really foolish life choices, when actually if our life is to be lived for Christ it will look like His as well and He was a man well acquainted with suffering. His suffering and fruit resulted in him dying the most torturous death imaginable.

...but three days later...

You may be in a season where you are mulling over in your mind and life the action steps you have been faithful to take toward Christ or a goal or the resolution to a difficulty. You may be wondering if there is anything you have missed or are failing to learn or do? Not necessarily. God is the Master of Timing. Your fruit, your blessing, your answers will come. You must maintain faith and not give up on His Grace. Whether you are looking for answers in your own health, finances, relationships or just trying to get better...Think of the bamboo shoot. It is planted as a seed and watered and watered and watered with nothing to be seen for seven years, only to finally sprout and grow to insane heights in a very short time.

The greater the blessing God is birthing in your life, the more turmoil and strife will surround it to try and aggravate the promises of God and derail you from completing the journey appointed you. But if you learn how to dig deep. If you master the art of how to stick and stay. No matter what the Adversary of Heaven throws your way, you have already overcome by the Power of One. Your Victory will come and what God breathes in and through you along the way will be incredibly awesome!

Dig deep. You've got staying Power and Heaven will make room to keep.

Way to work!💦👊🏼