Zero Gravity

"Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. 30 For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”
Matthew 11:28-30

I am writing this quick draft from my phone. I've never done that before, we will see how it goes. I thank you in advance for I know you will be gracious for any typos or grammatical or textual errors I may make on the tiniest key board.

I wanted to Jot a quick note about my day, well, past several days maybe. I am at a pivotal point in my walk with God. It's been an incredible journey, truly. I'm in a place where I trust Him so much my Peace is perpetual. I have moments, struggles with some stresses in our life, but peaceful. It's a kind of rest, really, despite anything happening around me. Didn't get to that place overnight. You know all the extreme faith stories? I have blogged quite a few (but not my biggest ones)...the experiences, obedience and trying of my faith in the living out those stories...that's where that place of rest came. I grew into it.

John and I are currently walking out some obedience that has required great courage and sacrifice on our part. Anyway, it's been very stressful and the last two months or more it has appeared like pandemonium of activity all the while making incredible inroads for the kingdom of God. We walk in faith, trust in faith, abide by faith.

But the last few days all seems to be coming to a conclusion in this particular business venture of ours and the devil has gotten in his last little digs (that aren't very little at all). I have been feeling so overwhelmed with it all. But I keep hearing The Lord whisper to me, "I've got you. Just like the sparrow. No harm will come to your tent (from Psalm 91) and I am making you stronger."

Today brought my pressures to new heights as a loved one had a sudden health episode. I knew all would be alright. I wasn't worried, yet I felt like I couldn't focus all day. I struggled...not just with this, but everything. I have felt long seasons of travail and fire but this was a whole new level of managing the large level of responsibility God had entrusted to me. All the while continuing to push the faith obedience envelop open wider and wider.

Tonight, I sat with my extended family. That sweet and familiar voice came with absolute clarity just as I can always depend, Simply saying, "zero gravity". Then, I heard it again, "zero gravity". Then I heard that verse I penned just above. A faithful verse over two decades I had come to love and depend on, Matthew 11:28-30.

God is stretching my ability to walk under his gentle, light and effective yolk upon me. He guides me as I enter into a place of zero gravity. A place of such closeness with the Holy Spirit that as I abide while the tides around me rise...though it may look like a tsunami wall of water lurching over me. I can BE STILL and ABIDE in PEACE because I know nothing will harm me. He watches over me more closely than the sparrow. I am protected by the promise of Psalm 91.

I saw a post of Facebook recently that read something like, "If God only gives people what they can handle, then he must think I am bad @$$." That's about how I have been feeling. But then I take a deep breath and I breathe him in. Then I take a hold of this cup of trembling he has placed in my hand....and I drink it, all of it. Because I am very interested in experiencing a level of Peace and absolute gravity.

It is only in the arms of my savior. Only He can complete me. I am ruined for anything or anyone else. Just Jesus. Just Jesus.

And isn't God funny? I think he is. In the midst of a lot of chaos the past several weeks, I get a call tonight that a magazine wants to do a piece on me and the fitness industry. God provides some fresh air when we need it.

Thank you, God. You are my best friend. I pray that my life, enticing to some, odd to others, would draw more people not only into the body of Christ, but DEEPER in with you~ heart to heart. Amen