Someone Is Bragging On You. . .

Someone is bragging on you...

Affirming words are my primary love language. Encouraging and sharing with people the positive I see in them is just a natural extension of who I am. It is a wonderful thing, edifying to the soul, to know you’ve played a role on some level in making another person feel wonderful...feel know how much they matter, are cared for and not overlooked.

Verbal Edification and Encouragement Equals Empowerment.

Last night is a night I loved.
It was an ordinary Monday night, but I savored it in my heart. I was sitting on my bed doing a little reading after getting home from work. I was very physically exhausted from my day. My youngest son came in first and crawled up next to me wanting to watch a movie with me. I put my reading away and agreed to snuggle with him a bit. He’s such a little lover. But then it got better. My 17 year old came in to talk to me about his day —registration day at school, and just being silly in general because he is a phlegmatic personality to say the least...always fun and entertaining. Can you guess which one he is in the below photo? (Old pictures but he’s still the same)

Then it gets better, my 15 year old son comes in as well. They all plop on my bed and we talk for the hour about our day, their day, and banter together....together. I love my boys. I adore my kids. These are the moments that take my breath away.

I don’t hesitate to brag about my children when appropriate. Not because I want others to compare their kids to mine or to be boastful in a prideful way. I do it so my kids can hear it, if I’ve written it, I want them to see it. I want them to know I’d be willing to shout from a mountain the depth of my love.

Do you know God? Because He for sure knows you. He’s been making room in the heavens for an ample portion of blessing for you. You are like his kid and he’s been bragging on you, a lot, to people who have ears to hear His Voice.

We are mind, body, spirit. We are molded with emotion and feeling and substance and strength in our flesh. And this is all good. It’s important for you to know that you are loved. You are loved not just a little bit. You are loved deeply. You are loved completely.

Building a business, a career, a vision is good—but what is it without love? Don’t just build your portfolio and resume, build a life. Don’t just follow the steps, do it right, plan your life, but create something you love and makes you happy. For what does it matter if you do everything right, cross every T, dot every I if your not happy? I know Joy rules the day, but I’m not talking about joy right now. It’s ok to be happy. It’s ok to create something that makes you happy and spend your days with those who bring out the elation in you that elevates your soul to an entirely new view. This is ok. This is, in fact, good.

“He brought me to the banqueting house, and his banner over me was love.”

Song of Solomon 2:4

In the Bible is says the Banner over you is Love. Are you under it? Do you let it cloak you with the Splendor the Lord has been bragging you possess? I’m just asking a few questions....things to ponder and muse. If not and you’re not even sure how to do that, but it sounds intriguing then maybe meditate for a moment and recite these words for yourself, for your soul strength...

“God, Creator is the Heavens, show me your Banner of Love—I want to be under it.”

That’s it!

Heavens got an eye on you. You are, in fact, centered at the core—the apple of the eye. The best kind of pride fills the lungs of The One Faithful and True. Heaven is besotted with you and bragging about you to those intended to bless you and love you.

In all your working and creating a life—live it well, live it loved and keep looking above for a precious gift maybe you currently don’t know of.

The best is yet to come.

Prepare your heart to be well loved~