A Highway Built of Words

"The one who guards his mouth preserves his life..."
Proverbs 13:3

What is dripping from your lips? Think of your words as a highway...

A week ago I was driving with a friend up in the Motherlode of Northern California. If you haven't been there it is breath-taking with beauty. Steep ravines and every kind of evergreen. Absolute Majestic Beauty. As we drove I mentioned to my friend of the roads. I thought of all the pioneers who blazed these trails and paved them as well. High power lines added to increase the reach of electricity. So much progress, so much work! I had heart felt gratitude in that moment for the tireless dedication of those who built up the highway.

Your mouth is a highway. Courteous, kind and positive truths will lay a sure foundation for you. Negativity, complaining and gossip will pave for you a crooked highway full of potholes and gravel. Choose your words wisely and you will notice it will affect your self talk as well. You will feel lighter, as though you were gliding through the obstacles given to each day. You will experience deeper Joy and gratitude. It's not always easy, but if we can build amazing physical highways, then we can speak them as well! ~Nicole


I actually wrote this piece above in 2015, but just came across it in my files this morning. I thought it so appropriate for today given some conversations I was able to have with some women yesterday about gossip and how they want to avoid it or not listen to people who are prone to it. After all, the average person doesn't think they are gossiping, they are just "sharing" or "processing" a situation. But the truth is that gossip and unhealthy words, negativity and complaining compel themselves into our minds and influence our perceptions. The more negative our thought life the more skewed we receive anything--even love, kindness and encouragement. It created a negative bent and creates arguement where there is no argument occurring. It is a devicive spirit and must be ruled in the mind, heart and mouth.

Your future is locked inside of you, waiting to be released and become reality in your life. The Power, the direction, the Path that future unfolds is so greatly hinged on our words. We speak what we want to see and then watch it unfold. It truly can become an expression of the Creative Miracles of Heaven when we use this tremendous gift of Heaven wisely.

You can't out encourage God. You cannot out love Him either. His heart is completely draped with adoration of His Creation, You. He is too good, too faithful, too kind to not completely envelop you with love. But He will let us learn how to walk, how to pave that Word highway and walk out the path we create. He will bless us inspite of us, because He longs to be good to us. I don't know about you, but I desire my full measure of blessing, God's best for my life. Don't settle. Dare to dream God has abundance for you! It may all begin with your mouth and how you handle the terrain of your everyday--the good and the bad--and the things that make you happy or sad. No more laps in the wilderness like Moses and the Israelites of the Bible Book of Exodus. You can begin today.

The expression of your life is your statement to the world. Let love and positive, edifying words be the exclamation point. 💜