Custom Fit

Cut from a different cloth...

I love textiles. I am particular about tapestry and textures. I touch everything. I love all forms of design. When I buy a new journal I don't just observe the outward appearance. I open it up and touch it. I feel the texture of the paper as I glide a stroke of my hand across the page. All of it- a part of the experience of writing for me.

My favorite garments aren't always my most beautiful articles of clothing in my wardrobe, but those who's feel is comfortable when the fabric dangles close to my skin.

My heart is a keeper of seasons...
This morning I am reminded of a particular season of my life that was one of excitement. I had completed college, took a year off to save, plan, apply to graduate programs and endure the process of interview required for my field of choice. I wanted to be a counselor.
I love all forms of counseling. Not the clinical aspect...the heart connection and love of another soul through compassionate and active listening. My entire life I've been a counselor. Not by choice, I guess not just chance either. It's how I am gifted, I can literally feel people’s hearts. I was always the friend who would listen and not speak--my ears open and my mind engaged. I've been told it's easy to talk to me because I do not make people feel judged at all and I don't offer a lot of opinion on what to do. I began to see a pattern of people coming to me when they were hurting, scared or lonely. I know it's not me, but God within me they are coming to see.
God’s Spirit is the Source of Care and Comfort and Rest.
It's not uncommon for people to share with me "their story" in the aisles of the market or at a gas station. I don't say anything, they just for some reason feel compelled to open up. Sometimes they even apologize and say they don't even know why they shared with me. I just smile. I know why...God is so good and kind, isn't He? Everyone needs a space they feel safe.
God will take every ounce of your lack and He will strap it to His back, actually, He already did. He will carry you now. He will hold your hand just as He did mine and walk you through every major, difficult, or hard to understand decision facing you. I hope this helps you. God woke me early just to ensure I had time and space to record a portion of my story for you. You see I went to school all of those years and I prepared and planned, but then part way through my first year of graduate school I began having experiences that lead me to believe God was changing directions on me. Though it didn’t make sense on paper, He was leading me elsewhere. After agonizing and thinking for a while, and praying, I decided to leave.
Just like that, everything changed.
My entire life path changed. As a result one of the first evidences a quality choice was made was an enormous earthquake where my apartment, in this Northern Los Angeles town, was over the epicenter and fell to the ground...but I was already gone.
God protects his investments. God is making an investment in you. He will protect you, too.
Hold tight, Beloved, God will see you through. Sometimes, many times, our steps of faith are required first before we can see what He has prepared ahead.
Great miracles. Great testimonies. Great escapades come by great faith. You've been Anointed to do the Impossible.
You have been cut from a different cloth.