“For everyone whom much is given, from him much will be required.”
Luke 12:48

This passage of scripture has been rolling around in my head for more than a week now.

Did you know that just like any good Father, God has expectations of us? It’s true. He expects from us because He loves us and knows not only what’s best for us, but the best that resides within us...each of us. Each of you. God sees you, the real you. The you that cuddles up and dreams of the future and weeps for the past. He sees behind the mask. Not the mask the government dictates you wear, but the mask that conceals your heart, mind and emotions protectively. Your mask may be made from various materials—


The list could go on. He sees behind and through it all.

Move forward this day knowing Father God, ABBA, cups you in the palm of His hand. He knows and He believes every thought He has toward you and they are perfect and lovely. He will shield you through the trials of life.

Soak in His Pleasure.

If you have children you understand how they have us by the heart. We would do anything for our kids. God would do anything for you.

Here is a link to powerful prayers we can pray over the lives of those we love. Be blessed. Anchor your heart in hope and love.

Until we meet again...