From Sigh to Song

When I fear sudden disaster—

I will raise a hallelujah.

When the world seems to be crashing in against me, I will remind myself that though a thousand may fall at my side and 10,000 at my right hand no harm will befall me. I am secure. (Psalm 91)

I will raise a hallelujah.

When it appears my enemy will trample me I am reminded I have been set apart for something greater and

I will raise a hallelujah.

When the sting of life leaves us feeling stricken—raise a song and raise it high. Sing from the soul so all the gates of hell will know that you will not become undone because your Daddy is a King and He comes for you just as He comes for me.

Raise your hallelujah.

Prophesy and let the nations see how amazing and powerful your Kingdom will be. He will ransom His Bride.


When we learn to trust the Lord fully, and we see His Hand in everything, He will turn our sigh into a song.

The Lord uses every breath within His being to raise a hallelujah at the sight of His Beloved Creation in you.

Live in Glory. . .

All of life is a song—make it enchanting.

Raise your every ounce of praise like a crescendo of hope and you will find the courage to cope in your hallelujah.