Intimacy With Greater Things

None of Jobs friends really understood what Job was going through. They had no personal experience the same as his. Though they cared about him, they failed to know how to properly care for him. So they had to idly sit by and watch him.

“Have no fear of sudden disaster or of the ruin that overtakes the wicked, for the Lord will be at your side and will keep your foot from being snared.” Proverbs 3:25-26

Job had a story in the Bible like none other. Despite his long suffering and sifting, he did not deny God. His friends asked him to. His friends told him to curse God and die. But he did not. He knew the Source of his eternal hope was not dependent on his circumstances. He displayed unmatchable loyalty to Heaven.

If your life has in any way related to the life of Job, you have gone through deep and horrific trials—some of which you cannot talk about or write about, you are forced to drive your soul heavenward a little bit more and speak only to God about; And in the Suffering there is a sifting. You did not bring it on, God did not do it, but He allowed it and in the process He creates in you a stellar foundation laid upon a Rock. That foundation so sure and true, do not be surprised at what others begin to build on you. Be at rest. You are blessed.

It has been contained in my seasons of leanness, a beautiful awakening of soul I could have never known without the test or trial. Over time it only grew in size and became what I call my Sacred Romance. The Love of God is Precious and itself contains a Promise. When all else has proven to be shifting sand, He still remains guiding and holding  hands. He is a solid assurance.

Do not worry about what you face in life. It may feel dry. It may be dry. You may feel alone, you may be alone. You may cry out to the heavens and nothing is happening. But God’s not finished yet.

Though the buffing process is painful, oh how glorious the shine.

Endure, Beloved. Heaven is like a greeting card with gates open wide. Search for the Lord with all that is within you. Let your prayers pierce the dark of night. Look to the hills from where your help will come, and it will eventually come.

For all of those weary of soul,  I’m here with my ink to water your garden some more. God’s best for you is yet to come. If you need prayer comment on this post and I will pray for you. If you’re comfortable tell me how, too. I am praying a blessing over all who read what I write.

God grant you Peace for your Journey—Shalom.

Prayer of Intimacy:
(This is how I do it)

“Do not be shy with me Lord!
Do not hide from me.
Your Intimacy has been the key to my Salvation.
Overturned day and night waiting for this Love of mine to unfold.
My God, you are the only thing that has not failed me.
For you alone will the notes of my heart bring a sweet melody that is captivating. May I abide well in your presence as I wait for relief.
You are the song to which I sing.


{Now worship}