Gateway To Goodness

Have you ever browsed a brochure that takes your through verbal illustrations complete with dramatic and exotic photos that fill your mind with expectations for the vacation that will fill the void and block out life’s noise?

Have you ever heard Disney’s slogan, “The Happiest Place on Earth”.

Americans are fascinated with pleasure. The idea of rest and ease seems to be what we think we need to manage and cope the stress of life. We plan and save and take distant vacations only to discover the price tag didn’t meet the expectation or maybe your trip was nice, but when what happens when you get back? There it is, your life.

But what if I had a new brochure? It’s one like you’ve never seen before. What is that? A door? It’s so beautiful! Created and crested with marble and gold? Is that gold pure? And cobble stone roads made of actual pearl? Where is this fabulous destination and surely it must cost a fortune! And cost a fortune it did. It cost the life of a young man who was ruined by man’s pride and hung valiantly on a tree to protect your and my dignity. He did it all. He paid it all. He did it for all the world to see His One Way Paradise ticket to Eternity.

When you read of Heaven in the Good Book it sounds absolutely incredible, but I have even more good news for you. Not only is Heaven real, and no expenses are spared in creating your designer original lair. But God also promises to bring His Kingdom here on earth.

Here’s the thing. God is beside Himself in love with you. That’s right. I know. I agree, 100 percent. It seems impossible to believe and too good to be true. But He did it. It took it. He bore it all. He knew it might be the only way you’d actually understand that He was excited the day you were made. He enjoys you every single day. Not a day goes by that He leaves you alone. He hears you when you cry. He sees you when you smile. I promise He loves your smile. He knows when you’re a train wreck and make lots of mistakes. He loves you in those days, too. He can’t help himself.

You can experience a little bit of Heaven here on earth. You don’t go it alone. God has a pocket full of Splendor waiting in His heart for you. Be encouraged with all you go through. You don’t need a cruise liner, a sunny beach or an escape route to bring oasis to your soul. You’ve got it right there with you every single day. If you’re anything like me, you are a driver. You are always dreaming, planning, charting the course and doing.

There is a place waiting for you where you just get to be.

Set yourself free and feel the liberty of doing absolutely nothing. Take time to tithe your time to the King of all kings. Watch Him unfold a path of gold and put His Midas Touch gift on everything. It doesn’t have to make sense~that’s why He is God. Remain faithful with the little, with the few, and watch Him take the little and the few and make them many and great. That’s enough to make a holiday.

Mark your moments today and take some time to celebrate. The best of you is still at rest in you. May your every dream of paradise oasis come true.

He is a Gateway to Goodness.


“He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches. To him who overcomes, I will grant to eat of the tree of life which is in the Paradise of God.'” Rev. 2:7