The Underminer

Learn how to undermine the Underminer.

The Enemy of your soul is a Master of Distraction. He will use subtle little seemingly innocent circumstances to redirect your focus when you are plugged in to something Greater.

I see this a lot when people are on a fitness quest. The Enemy sees them become consistent and resolved. He see they want it and are getting after it...real commitment or even the desire to begin with it. He is subtle, he will use outside factors to derail your goals and focus. Tedious little tasks or sources of irritation of various kinds arise and you interrupt your own momentum and goals to take care of little fires or obstacles.

Sometimes you have to ignore the fires around you to stoke the flame within you!

Learn to recognize the strategy of the Enemy and you will be one or two steps ahead of him every time.

I am entering my sixth session of competition in figure division of bodybuilding. I want to use an example of what I’m referring to with two figure/bodybuilding shows I competed in back in November of 2017. I was so incredibly sick for both! I was off my feet and could barely eat. But I had to dig deep.  I knew God wanted me to go and not cancel my shows. I also am economical and knew how much registration for these shows cost. This sport is not a cheap one!  God had a greater purpose than me dawning a stage in a sparkly bikini. 

So I rested. I hydrated and I barely worked out right during peek week. I didn’t push. I became very intentional about healing. I trusted God that He would make up the difference. Do you know what happened? God did not disappoint. I had more fun at these two shows than any I’d done previously and brought my best package yet! I also met some incredible people who I KNOW were part of God's plan and purpose for me going.

Don't let the devil scare you out of dreaming big, believing big and going hard.

Hard work is a common denominator for anyone who ever realized a goal, dream or aspiration. Stop allowing him easy access to your mind by falling for his tricks every time. Wise as a serpent yet innocent as a dove. Be intentional about your Rest. It may be physical Rest, but it needs to also be your spiritual rest. Understand that the greater you trust God, placing total confidence in him, you will know it isn’t possible for you to get off track. He will cup you in His hands and mold and shape every inch of your circumstances just as I was molding and sculpting my physical frame. He completes the gaps and lack and He won’t hold back from loving hard.

You're going to be just fine.
You're life created and sculpted for the beautiful.
You're going to win over the devil because you now know how to undermine that great Adversary, The Underminer!

"Therefore I do not run like someone running aimlessly; I do not fight like a boxer beating the air."

1 Cor. 9:26