Gentle and Kind

A Story of Hope, Gentleness & Kindness

I remembered a story from when I went to get a pedicure/manicure a few years back. As I sat in my chair at the salon I watched this elderly couple come in together. I love to observe people. People are fascinating and peculiar and puzzling all at the same time and I truly adore humanity.

So this couple...

The wife was the one getting the manicure, but her husband escorted her in and took care of every detail. He spoke with the receptionist, he escorted his wife to the chair at the manicure station and then he proceeded to tell the manicurist every detail of how his wife wanted her nails trimmed, shaped, filed. Once that was cared for he made sure she was comfortable, then decided she needed her sweater off. The woman seemed very competent and coherent, but very content to be cared for. It was one of the sweetest things I have seen in a while.

Love is in the details...

“Hear me, O Lord, for Your lovingkindness is good; turn to me according to the multitude of Your tender mercies.” Psalm 69:16

Isn't that how God feels about all of us?

He knows every detail about us.
He knows what makes us comfortable and what doesn't.
He knows our likes and dislikes.
He knows...and cares...and pays attention to every tiny detail. Because He loves you that much. He isn't too busy to take time to Comfort, Protect, Love and Nurture every one of us....because HE BELIEVES IN YOU.
I choose to believe in you, too. It is God who has equipped my heart with the capacity to love so big and for it I am grateful. His grace is never ending and what compels my heart to Him every single day is the depth and width and breadth I discern His Gentle Kiss on my heart and soul and His breath on my life. He chose you. He desires to breathe in you. Allow Him to fill you to overflow in such a way that leaves you breathless and wanting more. This is the intimate spirit I know. He looks on you with eyes of love.

Take a minute to reflect on a few things you appreciate about yourself. I guarantee you, it is not hard to believe Heaven appreciates you. The God of Heaven wants you to believe in yourself just as much as He does...

I pray this day you’re completely saturated with a kind of gentle love and kindness that causes you to catch your breath. Get soaked in Goodness~