Gladiator Mindset: All Or Nothing

The Gladiator Mindset

Have you ever known someone who had an all or nothing mindset? I’d like to call it a Gladiator Mindset. Think about a gladiator of Ancient Rome. These men stepped into the arena knowing the only man leaving was the last man standing. He had to be all in. He must have laser focus. His eyes must be keen and aware of everything happening around him. Intent. His intent must be “victory is the only option”. Mindset is the fuel in his veins that bear the fruit and sweet taste of victory.

What would happen if we adopted a gladiator mindset for everyday living? We’d make decisions and choices based on long term outcomes over immediate comfort or relief. We would chose to train—our bodies, our minds and our spirit—instead of sitting around indulging our flesh. We’d have goals and action steps to achieve those goals. We would rarely select the easy path. We’d choose the victors path. We’d have vision and we’d cast it and harness it every single day.

When a gladiator stepped into the cage of battle he didn’t know the absolute guarantee of another day. But neither do we. We might not be fighting physically for our very lives, or are we? We’ve got to work, advance, bring in the cash. Perform. Perform. Perform or our job will find a replacement. So we’ve got to be intentional, growing, evolving and exploring our options every single day. We must have our head on a swivel and keep our strength in the middle. Balance is always fundamental.

It’s a lot.

But I dare say...I admire the gladiator. He knows exactly what he wants and he’s not afraid to fight for it. He is confident. He has a zest and thrill for life and he will own and protect it.

I admire the gladiator.

Cheers to all who possess and aspire to a gladiator mindset lifestyle. You are few and far between. So when we meet you—we recognize you and tip our brow to you.

As we finish strong our 2019, what adjustments need to be made to bring in an abundant 2020? God doesn’t do things second class. He is first cabin all the way. When your in it with Him, He’s in it to stay.

Play for keeps.
We’ve only one go round this globe.
Own it.
Make it worth it.
Brilliant and vibrant with color.
You can be both warrior and lover. Have a zest for life—
so few do anymore.

Cheers! Train hard, life moves fast. Have a blast. Who knows how many more tomorrow’s you’ve got.