Game of Life

Everything happens in seasons.

I remember there was a season of my life that I had three children playing in Morada Little League simultaneously. The most sensational little league ever in my opinion, but not two of them on the same team. Two boys and my daughter played softball. The home field was just around the block from our home. But softball travelled much so my daughter’s games were all over the place. I remember I would begin to mentally prepare for the schedule and time demand of the spring season by early March. But my kids had a blast and sports teaches kids things for life, leadership, team building and commitment.

Seems so long ago now.

Life places demands—
And we do it. We love it. We are exhausted. We are overjoyed and I have a million photos to tickle my heart with reminders if I should want it.

Seasons change and people grow and some people go. And this is all ok. God uses us to help others along their path, gain some territory and grow or heal a bit so they can do it better on their own. children mostly adults now (minus one little guy who tickles my heart and lavishes me with compliments). It’s time for me to pull back quite a bit and sink into my Daddy’s lap. I’ve got a book to finish and it is coming fast. He kind of won’t leave me alone about it.

Seasons change.
People change.
But the word and faithfulness of God remain the same.
He will always reward our faithfulness.

Whatever it is God has put your hand to, your life to, He is the glue to hold it all. He wants to use your gifts and talents. When you’re on His Team, you get to be in the game. You get to be near the field.

Play Ball!

“For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.”

Ephesians 2:10

**Also note my website will be down soon for upgrades and repairs to my plug-ins. 2020 is going to be bright. I’ve been prophetically dreaming of all the blessings coming in this next year since 2007! So you better believe I’m excited!