God is so enormously unique.

My entire life has been full of rules. And in the midst of all the rules and all of my compliance, God swooped in on my heart and showed me his love and that it is ultimately not about rules (though he does have some).

And by his love he ruled, schooled and won my heart.

He gave me a connection with him like none other. He is the line I am connected to.

My entire life I have gone—on and off—to church, but never truly felt I fit in there. That’s because I wasn’t meant to. God plants me there and uses me there, but it’s not my calling. God is so abundantly unique and in control of outcomes, come from and everything. I have always loved all things different and unique. And that’s by his design. Because he does things extraordinarily different with me. He shows me time and time again he can use whatever and whomever he wishes to. I’m so glad he sent his love to me and revealed it—giving me eyes to see it, a heart to sing and feel it, and I embrace his precious melody.

I will always remain loyal, faithful and connected to him.


“There is one body and one Spirit, just as also you were called in one hope of your calling;” Ephesians 4:4

God can do whatever he wants and he usually chooses something unique that is only recognized by those he gives the eyes to see it. He is mysterious and I find this ever so intoxicating. Discover God for yourself. Even when you are by yourself—you won’t be alone.