Glory Kissed

How does it feel to be unashamedly yourself?
Pure and true just you; every single day? Everything you do, everything you say glory kissed and heaven made.
This is the way it should be—

There’s something gorgeous and mysterious when we give in to the unbridled devotion of Heaven. There is a Creator who savors your company. Open up and receive...
Receiving is active. Receiving is good. But receiving can also be uncomfortable.

When I was in the fifth grade I had a reoccurring dream. It was powerful and rich and vivid. It was exquisite and scary because I didn’t understand a bit of it—but every time I dreamed it I could feel it. Because of the intense and unique nature of the dream I remember it well even to this day. I also know I’m now living that dream, walking it out. It was a prophetic declaration of the call on my life. Like striking a match, I was born to illuminate the darkness around me. And though the crowd folds in like a shroud and my gift desired by others—it was given me to open up hearts and pour into to them lovingly. Touching. Loving. Healing.

What if everything you’ve been through was purposed to prepare you for what’s next for you? Your life an amazing story. Both the good and the not so good.. .Both the pleasure and the pain...has shaped the extraordinary, the unique, the brilliant that resides within you. You are a work of art and the layers of life leave you now waiting to be admired.

Awaken to endless possibility.