Velvet Red and Burns With Passion: The Gift

Have you ever had heartburn?

It is caused from acid reflux. The acids from the stomach return into the esophagus and cause a burning sensation.

Or is heart burn a certain kind of zeal or passion? You burn from within with passion and conviction about a certain decision or belief? You are decided and the strength of your decision is undivided.

Imagine you are in a crowded room. The floor is hard to discern because so many feet cover it. But the room clears and you are the only one left and you look to the floor and see a package. You don’t know the content, but it appears like a beautiful, red velvet box. Deepest’s beautiful.

You realize this box, this gift, is for you, but it was concealed from view because of all the occupants in the room.

You have a gift.
It burns within you.
It feels strong and may even make your throat feel tight.
Your gift is locked inside.

You maybe didn’t know it was there because all of the cares of life has trampled it there. But it was unharmed by the traffic that tread upon it, because it is a part of your destiny and has your name marked upon it. The future is locked inside of you and it is time to discern the time. Know who you are and what you were made for. Know the gift that is yours. The crowd has been cleared, the floor is yours. Grab hold of this gift. Take hold of it. Open it. Enjoy it. Allow it to caress your soul. This life is going to offer you more than you maybe ever anticipated for. All of it, a gift from the Lord.

Know your gift. It’s time to explore....

“A gift opens the way and ushers the giver into the presence of the great.”

Proverbs 18:16