Behold the Gold

I see pure gold in you.

You've been equipped through the Fire. Your life designed to inspire. You've been packaged for it.

You can take heat.

True champions invite the fire.

Not because we always like it, but we know something good, gold, comes from it.

The higher road is paved with gold. And when you've been called, you've been equipped. You don't have to strive for it, it flows from the soul. Pure Gold.

Perhaps you've spent so much time taking care of others that you forgot to take care of yourself?

You are worth some pampering. You don't have to be a martyr.

You have to embrace the gold Heaven has deposited within you.

Each day is a new opportunity to BEHOLD the GOLD within you.

I love that I am called to write. As a writer I retain a certain level of anonymity, for now anyway. I try to savor it for God prepares me that it won't remain this way too much longer. My pen is my "gravy train".

As a writer I allow the gift of creativity to flow through me. The creative know that all forms of art are free expression and to be consumed, enjoyed, but not overly read into.

I know my gift is so much more that art. It is connected to an extremely intimate friendship with the Holy Spirit...Unique to me. I know God made me for more than just a pen. It's just where He has me now.

So I write--

It is the treasured ones God hand picks to find the clusters of gold dust and sprinkles of His Love trailing through my pen. God has golden giants who may or may not look how the world expects them to look. But they all have one thing in common. They are Pillars of Hope. This too is a separating, a sifting, a fading away of what is true and what is false. The purity of my pen draws you. You cannot escape. Your destiny cannot be erased only embraced.

It looks like maybe life is about to give you an upgrade.

I’ve always been about God’s brilliant mystery and chemistry of soul. That is what I adore.

Pure Gold.

What do you adore?

I think you know—

Or you wouldn’t be here.

Gleaning from what I hear.

Every ounce of you knows...

YOU are made of pure gold.

The Bride of Christ will rise.

She is Brilliant.

She is Fiery.

She gleams with delight and possesses the heart and mind like Christ.

She is lovely and she is loving.

What is this love you say?

It is patient. It is kind. It is not proud, but meek. It keeps no record of wrongs. It delights to bless others. It harbors no offense and does not dwell in regret. It always gives...always hopes...always endures...making ways of water in dry and barren regions. It loves.

His Sovereign plan is at His Command—Always.

So yield. Pocketful of magic coming to you—all in the Name of Love. ❤️ ~Nicole

**I have a very special friend whom the Lord instructed and inspired my pen today. This post dedicated to them.😉

May you be blessed and refreshed and see all things referencing gold highlighted around you going into the new week. If this word resonated with you grab hold of it for yourself. Creative Miracles flow through and a declaration of Prophecy is a deposit for whoever has the purity of heart to receive meekly. Understand that purity does not imply perfection. Purity is an intention of heart. It's the root of who you are deep inside. It's not about anything you have done or will do. Those with ears let them hear, Amen.

If you're visiting and curious about the manner in which I write or fascinated about why I adore so this Christ or His Spirit Counselor and the power He provides--stick around. If you draw to the New Age and enlightenment of spirit guides or have a spirit guide, I encourage you to give mine a try. His name is "I Am". His wisdom surpasses all. His healing makes reiki look like tinker toys. I'd love to have you on this ride. It's a Joy Journey for sure. People everywhere are hurting and looking for an escape...they need power to empower their lives. I've tapped into the Ultimate Source...