Forever Is A Long Time

God is an undeniable, reliable, unyielding Fortress of Hope. There is no variant or shadow in His midst. His heart so big it overcomes every shadowy place about you. Yes, even the dark edges of your soul, your heart, your mind are consumed by His Presence.

Have you ever been around someone who has the ability to shift everything when you are around them? They somehow just make you feel better just by being there. They don't have to say anything. They don't have to do anything. Just knowing they are there for you. Someone quietly standing beside you, can be the best encouragement and just the supplemental strength you need. Their quiet presence exudes Pure Peace.

God is a Hope Dealer. He is pedaling something good. His talk is smooth, but only for the purpose to soothe. His heart will guide you by the power that merely rests all about Him. He is a Canopy of Grace that will shade your face from the fiery trials and woes of life that try to bear you down.

There's no Friend like this friend.

Here’s what I know.

Here’s what my life has taught me. Here’s what my God has taught me.

Our trials are a training ground for greater things. So accept this Hope, Beloved. God is preparing you for blessing. So when it hurts, when it’s hard, when you feel worn—remember my words. This isn’t forever but it is for a reason and it will bring blessing. God is a rewarded of the meek. God is a rewarder of the humble. God rewards our devotion to Him. God is a Keeper or Promises and intends to reward your love devotion to Him.

Maybe you are wondering if you've done all those things? Here's another attribute of Heaven. God is not a keeper of wrongs. He knows everything, yet is intentionally forgetful. It only takes one breath. It only requires one word. One change of heart and God can give you a fresh start.

God is always about friendship. If it doesn't have the earmarkings of love, forgiveness, acceptance... it probably wasn't God to begin with.

As hard as it is to wrap our heads around His Goodness and His Completeness--I guarantee He still holds the keys to make you utterly speechless with how well He can love you and rule your soul completely. He is the best of the best. In His Arms take rest. He is a Pillar of Strength and you can be fortified in Him.

Rejoice in Him today,

Find Comfort, Joy in His Keeping.

His heart is a Home like none I've ever known.

Allow His Heart to make your soul dance.

Set afire with His Blazing Love.

He doesn't merely see potential, He refuses to let us stay there. He causes us to spread our wings and reach our potential.

Forever is a long time-

Spend your forever with Him.


"In My Father's house are many dwelling places; if it were not so, I would have told you; for I go to prepare a place for you."

John 14:2

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