"Kindness is just love with its work-boots on." ~unknown

Life's greatest blessings are usually comprised of a collection of moments...not one grand detail, but thousands of tiny details all tangled together. Like droplets in the Sea, intertwined so delicately it is difficult to separate one drop from another.

Life is a gift, extraordinary, isn't it? Life is full of pain...passion...and promise. I believe this is where the true beauty is, the creation of something so emotionally provocative it creates the beautiful atmosphere to which our heart can become fully undone in the Arms of the King.

Has your heart ever been deeply touched? If so you know, it infuses a sense of loyalty and hope like nothing else.

When your heart has been deeply touched by God you become aware in ways you have never experienced before. It’s like a door to the depths of the soul opens and you breathe deeply, experience more richly and everything is seen vividly that was darkness before. It's a Kindness like none ever known before.

You never know how far an ounce of kindness can go. People all over are struggling with things you know nothing about.

You may feel forgotten, misused or abused, but God has cupped you close to his heart. You maybe feel inadequate, misunderstood, helpless or in deep distress or peril. His Love and Loyalty races to meet you.

The True Christian life is abundant with every experience imaginable. It is a combination of everything that can bring elation and celebration or devastation. It is merely evidence that Heaven is with you and the Darkness that roams this earth sees greatness in you. Take up your Cross daily...cling to that Old Rugged Cross!

I pray I never lose my awe for the amazing Kindness, Gentleness and Attentiveness of Christ. If you've never felt it-I pray today you do. If you've never received it-I send it by vehicle of my pen. Drink it in. If you've never known it-I pray you become known by the Father in a manner all your own. He does deep intimacy like that.

He is the Soul Anchor of my Life and I send His Blessing, Beloved, that you might overcome whatever tries to shipwreck your soul. Whatever is trying to stain your heart and crumple your spirit. Devotion from Heaven is meant to rouse the bold.

After all, if we are called to carry it, our own personal cross, we may as well bedazzle it and make is Shine True and Bright.

God will always shower you with the Kindness of Grace.

It's what His heart was made to do.

May the Kindness of Christ water any thirst in your soul and may all He ordained for you flourish and grow. Let it bring on a wellspring of everything sweet and savory, covered in honey and seasoned with salt to edify you heart, mind and soul today. Allow it to captivate your breath--taking it away. May the dew of heaven leave you speechless for anything outside of His Love, Comfort and Rest.