The True Definition of Success

How do you measure success?

My question is not rhetorical, it is for you. It’s a question that has no wrong answer for the definition of success may differ from person to person. Outcomes, obstacles, is filled by them all. The question is, what do we do when we obstacles come at us? How do we handle them? What do we think or feel when we experience setback, lack, or abundant joys and pleasures? Is this success? Or maybe you are one that measure success in a different way? Maybe success for you is raising children who leave a positive mark on humanity. Maybe your definition of success is traveling the world, making a lot of money and having a big house?

I think my definition of success is loving others well. I’m not kidding. I’m not trying to sound impressive or overly noble. That’s been my heart right from the start. I never consciously decided that’s was my definition of success—it’s just coming with clarity as I write this. It has been the overwhelming theme of all my life choices, major decisions and directions. In school I wanted to major in helping people. Obviously that isn’t a legitimate major so I had to select a field I had interest that would ultimately lead to opportunity to offer skills that would help others.

What’s Your IQ?

There are so many types of intellect. Some have enormous IQ’s and can solve any problem, puzzle or riddle, some have spacial IQ and can create like nobodies business! This is a type of creative genius. Another is emotional IQ where people can deeply feel the hearts and needs of others. Some would call these empaths, it’s a type of intelligence. I for sure fit into this category. My entire life I can feel people. I feel them by the heart. I feel their heart. I can feel their hurt, their anxieties, their cares and worries and sometimes I feel in others things that are dark and not so good. But ultimately, I see it as a gift of unique blessing because by it I can relate and connect to others and help them. I can comfort. I can refresh. I can bless. It’s an effective tool in my “toolkit” that equips me to bring healing to people. Whether it is in their health and fitness, their emotions, their mind. I usher in balance. I can be a salve toward pain.

It takes courage to explore ones own heart, hurts, and joys.

Enough about my personal example of success and it’s definition. What about you? Probe and explore your heart and soul. I desire to stir you deeper for I believe there is more down there for you to offer. Not just the world, but yourself. What makes you tick? What activates you? What stirs you, compels you and makes you hungry for something more? What satisfies you? What makes you feel edifies and complete?

Last evening I was given such a gift. I was requested at a ladies group to come speak about knowing your worth. They were such a delightful group of women and we enjoyed ourselves and some special things happened, but of course I protect the privacy of individuals there. As I drove home my heart felt like butter. My countenance somber. I was deeply edified by the evening and compelled to ask God for more opportunities to share my story. But I was overpowered with the humble and honest and quite sobering revelation of how beautiful it is to even be able to serve God like that. To be able to love others and comfort them and usher them like an escort through their pain and trauma. God is just beautiful like that. Even when we experience deep pain or suffering, we can always be presented with opportunities to comfort and elevate others. God always gives beauty for ashes. And for me, this is an enormous key to success.

“I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me”

Psalm 23:4

Be blessed today. Know your worth. You’re lovely—simple and true. Believe my words... You’ve been hand crafted and uniquely designed by a Magnificent Higher Power. Your life has merit and I declare success over you in a way meaningful for you.

You have access to a Comforter who makes Heaven His Throne. For what is the point of success if you must have it alone? It is meant to be shared.

You are never alone—

Life is what you make of it, make it beautiful.