The Lord separates the Holy from the common even today.

His Glory uncommon. His communion requires thoughts, deeds and choices that are uncommonly good, sweet, kind. That’s the fragrance of worship. Worship isn’t just a song. Worship is a way of life. Worship is how you live your life.

Being separate may not be a bad thing.

Thank you God.

That’s a Rhema Word right there!

I don’t know where you are right now, but if I can be transparent for a moment with an effort to be useful.

I have felt like Cinderella or Rapunzel most of my life. Hidden away in a tower. I get along with pretty much anyone, fit into any clique growing up, but did not feel apart of any of them. I always felt differently always seemed to be treated a little different as well. Separate.

I even went to a funeral last year and heard all these wonderful stories of how this person mentored. I left feeling kind of left out, wondering why in my entire life God never blessed me with a mentor? “That must be really nice”, I thought to myself.

But do you know what I found out?

I clearly heard the Spirit encourage me and tell me not to feel badly, He did it on purpose so He could give me Himself. Wow. I also realize that by doing this He gave me an enormous heart for the outcast, the left out or the under dogs which I've had all of my life.

God has separated me for a higher call. And in this separateness my thinking wasn’t or isn’t swayed by the public. It is able to remain clean and clear and the purity of my ear for his voice is electric.

Everyone wants to be apart of a team. Everyone wants to be apart of something bigger than themselves. But we must embrace who we are and how He has positioned us in His Grace. I know there are others like me, they have found me and shared so with me. It’s a unique and peculiar calling, I don’t always like it, the weight of the mantle heavy. But He is with me and

His yolk is easy and His burden light.

I needed this reminder tonight. I was praying and praising and asking...His Spirit dripped this passage of scripture in my heart...

Maybe this scripture just seems like blueprints for a building to you? But when I read it I saw so much more...

Maybe you make friends or laugh with others easily and have genuine joy from their company, but something inside just seems to not be right or not your perfect fit. I encourage you to consider that you’ve been set apart and separated for something uncommon.

Perhaps tonight there is someone out there who needs reminding they are special and unique to. God is with you and finds you Lovely. Lovely...that’s not a word popularly used in society anymore.

It is endearing.

It is gentle.

It is vulnerable.

He has separated you from common things to give you better things, Himself for one.

He sees your desires. He knows your name. He understands everything and each moment you sit with Him He is glad you came. I don’t believe in your separateness you will be alone forever. God has a heart for community. It just may be that those who are kindred spirit to yours live on the other side of the globe. God will get you there if it is needed. He makes the best friendships after all.

Cheers to the soft hearted. God is able to imbed His Hope and Faith in you. You receive well. Don’t be discouraged. Don’t look back. Don’t regret. Don’t fret. God is on the Throne. He’s been right there with you all along.

“ separate the holy from the common.” Ez. 42:20

God has maybe separated you for something more than common.

Clothe yourself in His Majesty. It’s an exceptional journey.