Sooner Than You Think!

"The women were afraid and bowed to the ground. But the men said, “Why are you looking in the place of the dead for someone who is alive?” Luke 24:5

Lent has begun and as we begin the observance of the Risen One leading up to that Glorious Day, Easter Sunday I reflect on the enormous gift to my soul given to me through all of last week while we toured the Holy Land.

Last week while in Israel we ventured to the Garden Tomb, the place where it is strongly believed Jesus was crucified and buried. Alpha and Omega are inscribed on the tomb wall. Since 300 AD it is believed this is the sight he was buried. We saw the tomb, went inside of it even and we went to the Place of the Skull which is also Golgotha. (,

It was fantastic to learn that it is called the place of the skull because the shape of the rocky hill’s surface looks like a face or a skull. Two adjacent caves look to be eye sockets, another for the mouth and then a rock formation where the nose would be. The nose has crumbled fallen off over the years, but there is documentation of its existence.

Time is a funny thing. It can erode almost anything. If we let it, it will erode us.

You may feel that tongues of fire are licking at you like an open grave, but look alive because He’s alive and He is mighty to save. He rose from the cave that Easter Day and all of Heaven rejoiced. Rejoice! Then do it again, and again, and again. Heaven will not let your foot slip. You will not crumble. Do not mumble, rejoice! He is the Alpha and the Omega--He will bring an end to your trials and He will give you a new beginning. He is the beginning and the end!

You are like a candle the Enemy of your soul has tried to snuff out, but has been denied. God is on your side and anything—I mean anything, that makes you want to retreat or crumble inside is not of God and it’s not for you.

God is holding all of your broken promises in a jar. Everything you've been through is not who you are. Wait for His Glory Fall. His promises are the best promises after all.

Step up...

Step out...

You’re alive too!

The God of Heaven will Rescue you. Because True Love rescues every time!

He will come for you. Rejoice!


Special gratitude to my husband who took amazing pictures our entire trip. Photos of our trip in my blog are all kudos and thanks to him!