Spiritual fitness is a bit like physical fitness. Health, wholeness and healing come to all who expose their being to possibility.


When we exercise our mind and free expression we open our world and it becomes larger. One thing I’ve always said college can do for a young person is give them a bigger world view and expand their deductive reasoning abilities.


When you work a muscle with resistance training you explore the possibility the muscle fibers offer. Will I get stronger? Will I grow bigger? Will I gain structure and strength? When we do cardiovascular exercise we work our heart and test its capacity to receive. How much can it take?


When we work the spirit, we explore a world unknown to the naked eye. It is seen from inside with a different set of eyes. The greater our clarity becomes the more we are open and able to receive.

My entire life I’ve been in tune with my spiritual eyes. As I’ve grown I’ve become even more aware and sensitive to the Guidance of Spirit. It can be a dream, a series of events that lean toward a certain path...It can be experiences or things spoken that seem to be of no explanation except your spirit is drawn and it’s almost highlighted to your soul. You just know. Like there is a voice behind you telling you the path and choice to take. It’s an adventure and it’s meant to be great, but often involves some risk.

Embrace the risk.
Be stretched.
Expand your heart.
Flex your faith.
Drink in what your soul thirsts for.

Health and healing are derived from something down deep inside. Be made whole and let your heart be renewed from anything and everything that has ever damaged you. There is Assignment in life, purpose, still inside of you. There are awesome adventures for you that Heaven is guiding you to, but maybe hasn’t yet shared with you.

Be decided. Step in faith. Harvest anticipation. I think your future is going to be great! Chisel your soul and flex it’s strength and you reach and stretch toward possibility.


Be blessed today in all you say and do. All of Heaven is cheering for you.

“You will hear a voice behind you saying, “This is the way. Follow it, whether it turns to the right or to the left.” Isaiah 30:21